The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3306

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3306-The woman waved slightly, and the guards behind her walked toward her.

She ordered, “Get him out of there.”

A guard casually waved, and immense power emerged from his palm, dragging James out of the dirt.

James was lying on a rock.

The woman looked at him. Seeing that his injuries exuded the Heavenly Path’s aura, she exclaimed, “Injuries of the Heavenly Path?”

An elderly man glanced at James and said, “My Lady, let’s leave him be. Since he was injured by the Heavenly Path, he must have transgressed the Heavenly Path and was pursued by Heaven’s Adjudicators.”

“But he’s not dead yet.” The woman stared at James and said, “Since he was able to survive after being pursued by Heaven’s Adjudicators, he’s no ordinary man. If I save his life, I might become his savior.”

The woman’s name was Letitia Lachesis. The world she was in was an insignificant world of this age—the Void Realm. The family she was from, the Lachesis family, was one of the Four Families of the Void Realm. There was an Eighth Heaven Grand Emperor in her family. In the Apocalypse Age far away in the future, they would be an invincible family. However, in this age where Grand Emperors and Ancestral Gods were common, an Eighth Heaven Grand Emperor was nothing. In Letitia’s eyes, since James was able to survive the onslaught of Heaven’s Adjudicators, he must have been at least a Quasi Ancestral God. If she saved him, it might be a good thing for the Lachesis family.

“Please inspect his injuries,” Letitia ordered.

The elderly man walked toward James and inspected his injuries. Upon inspection, his expression turned grim.

Letitia asked, “How is he?”

Wearing a grim expression, the elderly man said, “His injuries are too grave. He’s been stabbed at least hundreds of thousands of times. His bones are full of injuries from the Heavenly Path, and no one can heal his injuries in this world. Though he still breathes, he won’t live for long.”

“What a shame.” Letitia sighed. If she could become James’ savior, James would agree to help the Lachesis family.

“Let’s go.”

Letitia shook her head and turned to leave, paying no heed to James who was lying on the rock.

At that moment, James’ finger moved.

Letitia witnessed this. Rooted to her spot, she thought about it and said, “Bring him along. If he dies, we can just bury him. That’s better than doing nothing.”


The elderly man did not hesitate at all and brought James along deeper into the mountain.

Letitia was here for a Primordial Pulse. As a Divine Rank cultivator, she had already cultivated two Ousias. Though she wanted to cultivate a third, she needed immense energy. As long as she could obtain the Primordial Pulse here, she would gain the energy needed for her third Ousia.

Alongside the powerful figures of her family, Letitia headed deeper into the mountains and engaged in a fierce battle against various monsters. In the end, she obtained the Primordial Pulse and returned to the Void Realm.

James was brought along all this while. They expected James to die, but he continued breathing even when they arrived home. However, he was still unconscious.

James was unconscious for a very long time. Even he had no idea how long he was out for. As he slowly awakened, a searing pain came from inside his body, and he unconsciously cried out in pain.


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