The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3310

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3310-Seeing that James agreed to her offer, Letitia breathed a sigh of relief.

James was enshrouded in secrecy. She believed that James was secretly a powerful figure. As long as she remained by James’ side, she would stand to gain a lot of benefits.

“I don’t know your name yet,” Letitia said smilingly.

“James Caden,” he answered. Then, upon being reminded of something, he asked, “By the way, have you ever heard of a Heaven’s Adjudicator called Winnie Caden?”

His daughter, Winnie, had once come to the Primeval Age by chance. However, he had no idea in which period she was in.

“Winnie Caden?” Hearing this, Letitia froze and asked, “Are you referring to the Winnie Caden who joined Mount Heavenly Path and became an Inner Disciple of the supreme ruler of the universe 30,000 years ago?”


James froze.

30,000 years ago? Mount Heavenly Path? Inner Disciple of the supreme ruler of the universe?”

After freezing momentarily, he asked, “Is she a Heaven’s Adjudicator?”

Letitia said, “Legend has it that she has immense potential and awakened the rare Scythe of Judgment. The Scythe of Judgment she awakened is also called the Natal Scythe of Judgment, which is the best of all Scythes. When she grows up, she’ll be the leader of all Heaven’s Adjudicators.”

Hearing this, James could now be sure that the Winnie who joined Mount Heavenly Path was his daughter.

Looking at James, Letitia asked puzzledly, “You’re called James Caden, and she’s called Winnie Caden. Is there a relationship between the two of you?”

James said smilingly, “How can that be?”

“Oh,” Letitia then said, “Please wait for me for a few days. I’ll go make the necessary preparations. Once I’m done preparing, we can head to the Human Realm.”

“Sure.” James nodded.

Letitia said nothing and turned to leave.

After remaining in the courtyard for some time, James returned to his room. Since he had nothing to do, he sat in a lotus position on the bed and catalyzed the Dark Power in his body to slowly rejuvenate the Heavenly Path injuries.

After Letitia left, she went looking for Murchadh, the Patriarch of the Lachesis family.

“Father, I plan to head to the Human Realm at once.” Standing before Murchadt, she said, “I plan to bring the person I saved along with me.”

Murchadt was sitting before a desk while holding an ancient text in his hand. Hearing this, he put the ancient text down.

“Letitia, since you have gained the right to listen to the sermons of the Ancestral Sword Master, I have promised the Zaccais that you’ll be bringing their Young Master along.”

With a disgusted look on her face, she said, “Why? Mr. Caden was injured by the Heavenly Path. Who else in this world can rejuvenate in such a short period of time except for him? He must be an extremely powerful figure. If I bring him along, I can know more about him. If he truly is one, it’ll be extremely beneficial to the Lachesis family.”

Murchadt sighed. “This is precisely the reason why I’m afraid that he will bring about a catastrophe to our family. Since he has awakened, let him leave. Bring the Young Master of the Zaccais along to Mount Sword God.”

Hearing this, Letitia furrowed her eyebrows.

Murchadt continued, “The Zaccais and the Lachesis are two of the Four Great Families of the Void Realm. By working together with the Zaccais, we will reach even greater heights. If you marry Ximun Zaccai, our families will dominate the Void Realm.”

Murchadt was an Eighth Heaven Grand Emperor who had ambitions of spreading his name far and wide. However, as the Leader of a family, he had to put the family’s interest above all else. He did not wish to take any risk.

“But I’ve already promised Mr. Caden,” Letitia said.

At that moment, a knock came on the door.

“Enter,” Murchadt said.

The door opened, and a guard walked in and greeted them respectfully, “Patriarch, My Lady, Young Master Ximun is here.”


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