The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3312

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3312-To prevent any unexpected events from occurring, Letitia decided to leave now. So, she went looking for James and informed him of her decision before leaving together.

However, before they could leave the gates, Murchadt appeared with a group of guards and blocked their path. He said coldly, “Where do you think you’re going? If you don’t bring Ximun along, say goodbye to your journey to Mount Sword God.”

Letitia’s face darkened.

“Think twice, Father. If I miss this opportunity, I will lose out on a great providence. This might be the opportunity the Lachesis family desperately needs to emerge as a force to be reckoned with.”

Murcahdt said, “I have carefully considered this. I also wish for the Lachesis family to leave the Void Realm so that we can spread out name throughout the universe. However, there is a prerequisite. The Lachesis family must possess a strength that’s comparable to our ambitions. What’s the point of leaving the Void Realm if we don’t have any powerful figures?”

Though Murchadt was ambitious, his strategy was to go about this step-by-step. Without becoming the most powerful force in the Void Realm, how could they possibly leave the Void Realm and spread their name far and wide?

“You can stay in the Void Realm and become the number one you so desire all you want. I’m leaving.” Letitia said. Though Murchadt was her father, she was ruthless in her words.

James who was standing by the side scratched his head awkwardly. He did not know what to say.

“Seize her! Do not let her go without my permission!” Murchadt ordered.

Immediately, a few guards stepped forward.

Letitia hurriedly leaned on James and pleaded, “Help me leave this place.”

James said awkwardly, “You are father and daughter, after all. I don’t think a falling out with him is a good idea.”

She said, “I make my own decisions in life.”

“Alright, then.” James nodded.

Though he was unsure he could help her leave, he knew he had to at least do something. He stepped forward and blocked the guards’ path, saying coldly, “Stop right there.”

Murchadt looked at James, who did not conceal his aura. Though he cultivated Sacrilegious Ascension and had carved out many energy reservoirs inside his body, all his power was stored inside. Regardless, as an Eighth Heaven Grand Emperor, Murchadt could sense that James was only at the Divine Rank at a single glance.

“Do you wish to interfere in the internal affairs of the Lachesis family?” Murchadt said coldly.

James said nonchalantly, “There’s no need to resort to violence over such an insignificant matter. Actually, I don’t need Letitia bringing me to Mount Sword God. I can go there by myself. She can bring that Ximun guy along if she wishes.”

He was confident that he could ascend Mount Sword God even without Letitia’s assistance. However, as he was unfamiliar with this universe, he needed someone to show him the way.

“Dream on,” Letitia said, “Even if you ascend Mount Sword God by yourself, I’m not bringing some burdensome garbage along.”

In Letitia’s eyes, Ximun was nothing but trash. Though she was not yet distinguished by cultivating three Ousias, she would be a shining pearl once she crossed into the Grand Emperor Rank. A Grand Emperor with a single Ousia was incomparable to one with three Ousias, after all.

James shrugged and said, “Since she has no desire to do so, there’s nothing I can do.”

Murchadt looked at James and said coldly, “Stay out of the Lachesis family’s internal affairs, you outsider. Men, seize the Young Lady! Kill anyone who stands in your way without mercy!”

“Who dares?” James roared.

He summoned a sword from the Celestial Abode.

Previously, he lent the Celestial Abode to Xandros Tegan, who in turn passed it to Jacopo. However, before arriving at the Primeval Age, Jacopo had returned the Celestial Abode to James.

James held the sword in his hand. The sword was purple and radiated a purple light.


Murchadt’s face paled as he unconsciously staggered backward. He stared at the sword in James’ hand like it was some sort of dangerous object.


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