The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3314

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3314-The appearance of a Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword that came from the future caused anomalies to the one in the Ancestral Sword Master’s hands. Though he could sense that there was a similar sword in this age, he could not sense the whereabouts nor the identity of the wielder.

He sat in a lotus position on the ground and fell into deep thought. Then, he made the decision to seal his own sword away. This meant that the Divine Sword of this age no longer existed. Thus, the appearance of the other Divine Sword would not bring about any anomalies. This also meant there was only a single Divine Sword in this age.

Upon sealing his Divine Sword, he said, “Sword Guard.”

A shadow appeared out of nowhere. Then, the shadow knelt on one knee and said melodiously, “Master.”

The Ancestral Sword Master ordered, “There are now two Crepe Myrtle Divine Swords in this age, and I want you to investigate the whereabouts of the other Divine Sword. Remember not to spook the future owner of the Divine Sword. Once you have completed your investigation, return immediately and inform me of the results.”


The shadow said and vanished without a trace.

At the same time, James was sitting in a lotus position in the Lachesis family while catalyzing the power of Dark Ousia to suppress the Heavenly Path’s injuries inside his body. Though his Dark Power was weak and had only accomplished Consolidation, Dark Power was the nemesis of the Heavenly Path’s power. Soon, the injuries were suppressed, and the pain subsided. The pain remained. However, the pain was now bearable to James.

James slowly stood up.

Seeing that his face was pale and he was sweating profusely, Letitia hurriedly pulled out a white cloth from her pockets and wiped the sweat off his forehead.

James accepted the cloth and said, “I can do it by myself.”

He wiped the sweat, which was also stained with blood, off his forehead and returned it to Letitia. Letitia did not hesitate at all and took the cloth.

“What happened, Mr. Caden?” she asked.

James fell into deep thought. He had no idea what had just happened either.

‘Could it be Karma? There’s another Divine Sword in this age as well. Did he bring about Karma by taking out the sword Divine Sword?’

James contemplated. He believed that his hypothesis was plausible. After all, he could clearly sense that the Divine Sword was showing signs of disappearing. Perhaps he had transgressed Heaven’s Law. However, these were only his thoughts. There was no evidence to support his claims.

He simply said, “I’m alright. My injuries from before were aggravated. Don’t worry, I have already suppressed them.”

Letitia believed that things were not as simple as they seemed. However, since James was reluctant to speak, she did not inquire further.

Letitia simply stood by the side and contemplated. She began to suspect James’ identity.

She had heard of the Divine Sword, one of the most terrifying weapons in this world. As the sword of the Ancestral Sword Master, it possessed mysterious purple energy. Under normal circumstances, the Ancestral Sword Master would not let his sword leave his side. Now, however, the sword had appeared in the hands of a human with a weak cultivation base. Besides, James had terrifying injuries from the Heavenly Path on his body.

There were a few possibilities.

One, he was attacked by Radomir Theophanes, the controller of the Heavenly Path.

Two, he was attacked by Hadad Theophanes, the ruler of the universe.

Three, he was attacked by Heaven’s Adjudicators.

Four, when James was overcoming a Heavenly Tribulation, he was attacked by Heaven’s Adjudicators.

In any case, this meant that James was an enemy of Mount Heavenly Path, an entity the Lachesis family could not afford to cross. Even though the family could potentially obtain great providence by befriending James, the cost was simply too immense. So, Murchadt became firmer in his belief that they had to keep away from James.

“Seize her!” Murchadt said.

“Mr. Caden!” Letitia hurriedly hid behind James.

James looked at Murchadt and said, “I told her I don’t need her bringing me to Mount Sword God. I’ll just accompany her there. She can bring someone else along if she wishes.”


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