The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3316

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3316-After they boarded the Saucer, Letitia activated the Saucer, which slowly hovered in the air. Then, the Saucer’s speed began to accelerate. When it reached its maximum speed, the Saucer leaped into the void and left the Void Realm.

Letitia’s Saucer was pretty high-class and had plenty of rooms. Upon boarding the Saucer, James was arranged a room of his own. In his room, he continued catalyzing the power of Dark Ousia inside his body to suppress the Heavenly Path’s injuries. At the same time, he used the Dark Power to rejuvenate his body.

In the blink of an eye, a hundred years passed.

A hundred years later, the Saucer suddenly stopped.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

While James was in a closed-door meditation, a knock came on the door.

He stopped cultivating and opened the door. A gorgeous woman was standing outside. The woman was Letitia.

“Mr. Caden, we have arrived at the Katun Realm. We will make a brief stop here to replenish the Saucer’s energy.”

“Mhm.” James nodded and walked out of the room.

Knowing that James was unfamiliar with this world, she explained, “The Katun Realm is a powerful world that’s only beneath the Seven Realms. Besides, the Katun Realm is a mysterious place.”

A somewhat handsome-looking man walked toward them. Stopping before Letitia, he said smilingly, “I know, Letitia. There’s a flower in the Katun Realm.”

Letitia glanced at him with an expression full of disgust. Ignoring him, she looked at James and explained, “That’s right, there’s a Sacred Blossom in this place. The Sacred Blossom is a magical thing created by heaven and earth and will only blossom once every Epoch.”

“A Sacred Blossom?”

James froze.

He had heard of the Sacred Blossom. When he was in the Boundless Realm, he encountered a Flowery Pattern Formation. When he fought against a Heaven’s Adjudicator, Jabari performed a terrifying cultivation method that gathered the Paths of this world and created a Sacred Blossom. With the strength of a Ninth Heaven Grand Emperor, he gravely injured the Heaven’s Adjudicator. He never thought he would hear of the Sacred Blossom upon arriving in the Primeval Age.

Letitia continued, “It takes the Sacred Blossom 4.9 billion years to blossom and wither. This is also called an Epoch.”


James nodded slightly. He knew of this.

Letitia said, “I specifically chose to replenish the Saucer’s energy here because I know that the Sacred Blossom in the Katun Realm is about to bloom.”

Stunned, James asked, “Oh? It’s blooming?”

“Yes.” Letitia nodded and said, “It takes a long time for the bud of the Sacred Blossom to form. Meanwhile, the time the Sacred Blossom blooms is short. Three months after blooming, the Sacred Blossom will wither. Meanwhile, the Sacred Blossom in the Katun Realm is about to blossom. So, I came here to see if we could secure a few spots to observe the Sacred Blossom. This will be a great providence.”

Ximun poured cold water on her by saying, “Dream on, Letitia. Do you have any idea what sort of object the Sacred Blossom is? How could ordinary people like you and me have the right to observe the blossoming and the materialization of various Paths?”

Letitia could not even be bothered to pay any heed to him.

She looked at James and asked, “Can you do something about it, Mr. Caden?”

James shrugged and said, “What can I do?”

“Let’s head over there for now.” She said.

“Alright, then.” James nodded.


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