The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3319

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3319-Did James not know the most fundamental knowledge of cultivation?

James scratched his head awkwardly and said, “I have never interacted with any Ancestral Gods, so I don’t know much about them.”

Doubtful, Letitia explained, “The Ancestral God Rank is indeed divided into a few sub-ranks. From the weakest to the strongest are the Mystical Ancestral God Rank, the Terra Ancestral God Rank, the Caelum Ancestral God Rank, and the Macrocosm Ancestral God Rank.”

“I see.” Realization dawned on James’ face as he signaled for Letitia to continue.

Letitia continued, “In the past, every time the Sacred Blossom blossoms, there will be forty-nine thousand and eight hundred individuals who would be able to spectate in the Path Sect and comprehend the various Paths.”

“Forty-nine thousand and eight hundred individuals? That’s quite a lot, huh?” James said.

“Not at all.” Letitia sighed. “This universe is huge. The Human Realm alone is full of prodigies. This number of spots is far from enough.”

James asked, “What are the requirements to watch the blossoming?”

Letitia explained, “Strength is not the primary condition. These spots have mostly been occupied by some of the more powerful worlds. Everything operates behind the scenes. Unless an Ancestral God helps us out, it would be nigh impossible to secure a spot.”

James sighed, “In that case, it’s not possible to watch the Sacred Blossom blossoms…”

“But…” Letitia said.

James asked, “But what?”

Letitia continued, “Circumstances are different this time around. We have extra spots now.”

Hearing this, James was delighted. He asked, “How do we secure these spots?”

Letitia said, “It’s not that easy. That being said, it’s not impossible either.”

“Alright now, cut to the chase.”

Letitia explained, “This time, the Path Sect has offered extra spots for each rank, starting from the Divine Rank’s Third Consolidation, the Quasi Emperor Rank, and to the Quasi Ancestral God Rank. This means that the Divine Rank’s Third Consolidation will have three extra spots. The same goes for each sub-rank from the Quasi Emperor Rank’s First Tribulation to the Ninth. Even the Quasi Ancestral God Rank has three as well. As long as you are in a certain rank, you can register to participate in a competition. Those who emerge victorious will obtain the spots. ”

“Is that so?” Hearing this, James murmured, “My rank is at the Divine Rank’s Second Consolidation. Won’t I be bullying the others by competing against those at the same rank?”

Letitia glanced at him weirdly, wondering what those words meant.

“Mr. Caden, I plan to give it a try. I have already cultivated three Ousias. One of them has already accomplished the First Consolidation, and the other is at the Second Consolidation. Meanwhile, my Sword Path Ousia is already at the Third Consolidation. The division of ranks is based on our highest-ranked Ousias. At the moment, I’m at the Divine Rank’s Third Consolidation. So, I plan to give it a go.”

She paused before continuing, “With my strength, I should be able to secure a spot for myself as long as I don’t encounter the Grand Priests and Priestesses of the powerful sects. Besides, those people tend to secure their spots through some deals behind the scenes. They shouldn’t be here to compete for the spots. That’s why my chances are rather high.”

“Mhm.” James nodded slightly and said, “I’m glad to know that. Since you wish to go, go ahead. We can only know the outcome after the competition.”

“What about you?” she asked.

James said smilingly, “If I compete against those cultivators at the Divine Rank, I’d be accused of bullying the others.”

“What do you mean?’ Letitia was puzzled.

James said smilingly, “Though my rank is low, my physical strength is unrivaled. My physical strength is at the Grand Emperor Rank’s Fifth Heaven. Let me ask you this. Do you think any cultivator at the Divine Rank can withstand a single blow from me?”


Letitia’s mouth was agape.

Though James’ rank was at the Divine Rank’s Second Consolidation, his physical strength was at the Grand Emperor Rank’s Fifth Heaven. How did he manage to pull this off?

She looked at him and asked, “By the way, how many Ousias have you cultivated?”

“Me?” James scratched his nose.

He looked at her and asked, “I believe nine Ousias is the maximum I can cultivate.”

Letitia nodded and said, “Indeed. Even so, no one has been able to reach the maximum limit since antiquity. To my understanding, you will be considered a prodigy if you can cultivate five Ousias. You should be able to join any sect freely. Even the owner of Mount Heavenly Path will admit you as an Inner Disciple.”


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