The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3321

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3321-Upon arriving at the peak, they saw a long queue. Many living beings were in the queue to register their personal information. So, James and Letitia joined the queue as well. After a few days, it was finally their turn. After registering their information, the disciples of the Path Sect gave them a token and informed them to return and await further notice.

So, James and Letitia left the Path Sect temporarily.

Holding the token in her hand, Letitia was filled with consternation. Though she had cultivated three Ousias, only her Sword Path Ousia was considered powerful. With her strength, she might not make it into the top three.

Worried, she looked at James and asked, “Do you think I can enter the top three and secure a spot?”

James shrugged and said, “How would I know? I don’t know your strength nor the other cultivators’ strengths.”

Hearing this, Letitia fell silent.

Soon, they returned to the inn.

Upon returning to the inn, Letitia returned to her room and regulated her condition in preparation for the coming competition.

In the blink of an eye, three months passed, and the day of the competition arrived.

James and Letitia arrived at the Path Sect and waited in the region of the Divine Rank’s Third Consolidation.

The place was full of people. Through James’ Divine Sense, he realized that there were more than a billion people here. Stunned, he looked at the beautiful woman beside him and said, “There are so many people out there. Billions of people are going to compete for just three spots. The battle will be fierce.”

Anxiously, Letitia said, “All of them are confident in their own strength. They only came because they believe they have a chance to secure a spot.”

“Are you worried?” James asked.

Letitia nodded and said, “I guess so. If the Sacred Blossom blossoms tens of thousands of years in the future, I would certainly be able to secure a spot after I have accomplished the Third Consolidation for all my Ousias. However, this is how it is. I guess I can only leave the outcome to fate.”

Letitia was not confident. Though the spots of the Grand Priests and Priestesses of powerful sects had already been determined behind the scenes, this universe was huge and full of different worlds. There were powerful sects and unrivaled prodigies on every planet of every world. Among them, there would certainly be those who had cultivated two or three Ousias.


At that moment, a voice boomed in mid-air.

Everyone turned around and looked at the sky. A green light appeared in mid-air and transformed into an elderly man wearing a green robe. The elderly man exuded a sage-like aura.

“A Quasi Ancestral God?!”

Sensing the cultivation base of the elderly man, James could not help but exclaim. As expected of the Primeval Age, a Quasi Ancestral God would appear out of nowhere. In the Apocalypse Age, they would be unrivaled beings who could sweep through the universe with ease.

“Welcome to the Path Sect. Each of you is at the Divine Rank’s Third Consolidation. Meanwhile, this rank only has three spots. The rules of this competition are simple. You will enter an Interdimensional Realm and fight endlessly until only three remain standing. Upon entering the Interdimensional Realm, crush your token if your life is in danger, and you’ll be automatically transported back here.”

The elderly man’s voice boomed.

Hearing this, many took a deep breath,

Then, the elderly man casually waved, and a light appeared from his sleeves, forming an illusory image. Through the image, some mountains and rivers could be seen.


Many people soared to the sky and entered the illusory image and the Interdimensional Realm.

The so-called Interdimensional Realm was a realm created by extremely powerful figures. They were the sole rulers of this world.

James glanced at Letitia beside him and said, “Let’s go. Stick close to me and you’ll definitely make it into the top three.”


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