The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3322

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3322-With James’ strength, he could help secure a spot for an additional person in this competition easily.

Hearing this, Letitia asked excitedly, “Really?”

“Of course,” James replied.

“Thank you, then.” Letitia was full of gratitude.

Then, they soared to the sky and entered the Interdimensional Realm, a realm created by extremely powerful figures with rules and order. The realm was normally used by their disciples to train inside.

The Interdimensional Realm was huge.

James appeared on a mountain of the Interdimensional Realm. Though the place was huge, there were billions of cultivators at the Divine Rank’s Third Consolidation participating in the competition. So, figures could be seen all over the place.

The rules of this competition were cruel. Billions of participants would fight to the end to secure a spot to observe the blossoming of the Sacred Blossom.

Concealing oneself in the Interdimensional Realm was futile. That was because there was no time limit in the Interdimensional Realm, and the control of time rested in the hands of the creators. Since they created the rules, they naturally controlled the flow of time. Even if tens of thousands of years passed here, only a few months would have passed in the outside world.

The moment James and Letitia appeared, they were attacked.


A materialized Sword Energy swept toward them.

“Watch out!”

Letitia reacted in time and yelled. Then, a sword appeared in her hand, and she slashed, creating a wave of Sword Energy.

The Sword Energies collided.


Immediately, the earth shook.

As the Sword Energy’s power permeated the air, the surrounding mountains began to disintegrate. The one who attacked was a Sword Cultivator. Seeing that Letitia was able to block his attack easily, he realized that she was a troublesome character. So, he did not linger for long and hurriedly fled.

Holding the sword in her hand, Letitia looked at James and asked, “Are you alright?”

James smiled faintly and asked, “What do you think?”

Realization dawned on Letitia’s face, and she said with an awkward look on her face, “I forgot that you possess strength even greater than mine. In that case, let’s hurry and wipe everyone out.”

James had not shown his strength for a very long time now. Stretching, he said smilingly, “Let me borrow your sword.”

Letitia handed him her sword.

This was a pink sword, on which mysterious sword-fighting inscriptions were inscribed. This was an Imperial Weapon. Imperial Weapons were considered extremely rare in the Apocalypse Age. However, in the Primeval Age, Imperial Weapons could be found anywhere.

“Your Sword Path is at the Third Consolidation. I wonder what’s your comprehension of the Five Great Sword Realms?’ James asked while holding the sword.

“Not too shabby, I suppose.” Letitia was proud of herself.

After learning countless sword techniques, she merged them all and accomplished three Consolidations. As such, her comprehension of the Sword Path was extremely high. James had no idea what level was Letitia’s Sword Path. Though he wanted to test things out, he gave up on the thought.


At that moment, an extremely powerful force came rushing toward them.

James lifted his head to see a huge palmprint sigil in the air. As huge as a mountain, the palmprint sigil came crashing down, carrying destructive power.

He glanced at the palmprint sigil and smiled faintly. Then, a wave of Sword Energy materialized and collided against the palmprint sigil. Immediately, the palmprint sigil shattered.

In the distance, a man hurriedly made his escape after spurting out a mouthful of blood.


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