The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3323

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3323-James’ body flickered. He chased after the man. The next moment, he appeared behind the man, the pink sword that he held now hung over his back. Facing this living being, James was disinterested in resorting to violence. If he was, the person would no longer be standing in front of him.

“Leave while you still can,” he ordered coldly.

A chill ran down the man’s spine. James was too fast. Way too fast for him to react. How was this speed possible for someone of the Divine Rank? He wiped off the cold sweat on his forehead. Then he shattered his token, disappearing from the Interdimensional Realm.

Letitia rushed towards James. The shock on her beautiful face was unconcealable, as she said, “That was so fast. If you attacked me, I probably would have died before I could even come out with my next move.”

James let out a faint smile. A living being of the Divine Rank fighting against him was nothing short of provocative. Putting his physical strength aside, with the ten Ousias alone, there was no opponent among those of the Divine Rank that merited James’ attention.

Many living beings inhabited this mountain range. Every encounter between them led to violence without a word spoken. James observed his surroundings and sensed that there were at least a thousand beings who were in battle.

James returned the sword to Letitia. Subsequently, he summoned his mind to make a flash of Sword Energy appear before him. This materializing Sword Energy expanded continuously, transforming immediately into a sword as long as a hundred meters.

“Go, now,” Waving his hand, James made the hundred-meter sword float into the air. Once the sword flew into the atmosphere, it expanded incessantly, forming an enormous sword that was ten thousand meters long. This ten thousand-meter sword crossed the void, emanating a power that made flesh crawl. As a result, all living beings in the area sensed the unsettling power. They froze in place under its oppressive nature, as if any movement would result in them being slashed apart by this long sword materialized from Divine Energy.

Letitia was stupefied, and asked, “J-James, it can’t be true that you’ve just attained the Divine Rank’s Second Stage. She simply could not believe it. How could someone of this level produce such petrifying power? Using merely the power of one sword, he has exceeded the upper limits of the Divine Rank. Even someone of the Quasi Emperor Rank’s First Tribulation might not be able to withstand this attack of his.

“Everyone, leave now if you don’t have a death wish,” his voice roared into the horizon, inciting fear in all living beings within the area. They sensibly shattered their tokens, disappearing from the Interdimensional Realm. Once there were no longer any living beings within the area, James stored the long sword that materialized from Sword Energy.

Gesturing a thumbs-up, Letitia said in awe, “T-that’s amazing.”

James responded with a mere faint upturn of his lips. This was but the tip of the iceberg of the Swordsmanship he understood. If it were not because he had concerns of his own, the number of tricks he had up his sleeve could wipe out all living beings in the Realm in a split second.

That, however, required the use of Curse Magic. When he was in the cemetery, he researched Curse Magic for countless years. His comprehension of Curse Magic expanded. He even cultivated Dark Ousia by completing the Dark Scripture using Curse Magic.

He must not casually execute Swordsmanship, for all Sword Cultivators of the current era knew Swordsmanship. That was not the case for Curse Magic, since the secret art of the Ancestral Talisman Master was generally not taught to outsiders.

“Let’s go,” James said with a faint smile. This challenge was like a vacation to him. No living beings in the Realm could harm him.

Letitia was glad. James’s display of his appalling power meant that she would be able to get into the top three and watch the Sacred Blossom, the most mystical thing in the world. Each time there was a Sacred Blossom, a powerful figure would master a signature martial art skill. She earnestly hoped that this time it would be her turn. If she succeeded, acquiring world fame would be indefinite.


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