The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3325

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3325-Very quickly, only James and Letitia remained in the Interdimensional Realm. James’ body descended from the sky. As he landed on the ground, he smilingly looked at Letitia, “All done. Now that there are only the two of us left here, we’ll be able to watch the Sacred Blossom should there be no mishaps.”

Gratitude showered Letitia’s beautiful face.

James’ display of power was getting stronger. She was very thankful that she did not take heed of her father’s words. Otherwise, she could have lost much providence and fortune.

Shish! A flash of light materialized, followed by an Elder appearing before James.

James recognized the man as the Quasi Ancestral God from before. Facing the Elder, James respectfully greeted him.

Xbalanque Darby caressed his white beard while looking at James. With a simple glance, he said, “Very impressive. While your rank isn’t high, your physical strength and Soul Power are striking.”

James humbly thanked Xbalanque, “That’s very kind of you to say.”

“I mean my compliment,” Xbalanque asked further, “I’d like to ask, if I may, who is your mentor?” Xbalanque believed that only an extremely powerful figure could produce such a disciple whose physical strength and Soul Power were comparable to that of the Grand Emperor’s Fifth Heaven despite having only reached the Divine Rank. James was indeed a force to be reckoned with, a figure that one only meets every ten thousand years. Generally, a person’s rank and physical strength were e equivalent to each other. Even if a person’s physical strength was slightly stronger, there would not be too big of a difference as compared to a person’s own rank.

However, James defied this pattern, and that compelled Xbalanque to enquire further.

James answered sheepishly, “I don’t belong to any sects or Paths. I’m merely a rogue cultivator.”

Upon hearing this, Xbalaque’s eyes flickered with excitement as he walked towards him and asked enthusiastically, “Really?”

“Yes.” James nodded.

Xbalanque could no longer hide his wide smile. But he immediately realized that he was acting too casually and returned to his stern face. He said with a serious tone, “The Path Sect, while not being the top sect in the universe, is still number one in the Katun Realm. We also own the most mystical Sacred Blossoms in the universe. Have you thought of joining my Path Sect?”

“Hmm…” James hesitated slightly.

Seeing his hesitation, Xbalanque resumed his persuasion as he said, “I promise you that once you join us, you can choose anyone as your teacher.”

Letitia, who was standing beside him, was so excited that her entire body was shivering. While not the top sect in the universe, the Path Sect was one of the most powerful networks of all. Thanks to the Sacred Blossom, the Path Sect had many ties to the other sects. Once they joined, there could only be exponential success ahead of them.

She tugged James’ sleeve, signaling to him to accept the invitation so he would not miss this rare opportunity.

James was cognizant that the Path Sect was very powerful, but he had no plans to join any sects. With the foundation he had, he did not need to join any sects. He just needed time to become a reputable powerful figure.

“Thank you so much for your invitation, but I have no plans to join any sects for the time being,” he rejected politely.

“Don’t you want to give it more thought?” Xbalanque was determined and persuaded further, “As long as you join the Path Sect and become our disciple, you’ll be able to watch the Sacred Blossom from now on. Even during the withering of the Sacred Blossom, you’ll be allowed to watch. The maturing of the Sacred Blossom will produce tens of thousands of Paths. Their marks would be left in the surroundings, thereby becoming the best site to comprehend the Path.”

“Thank you so much for your kindness,” James rejected the offer once more.

With regret, Xbalanque said, “Since you insist, then never mind. But if you change your mind in the future, the Path Sect will always welcome your arrival.”

Xbalanque knew that James was a genius, a true genius. It would not take long for James’ name to spread throughout the universe as the most appalling and talented powerful figure of them all.


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