The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3326

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3326-Although James refused to join the Path Sect, Letitia’s eyes were still directed at Xbalanque, full of hope. The three Ousias she had cultivated were enough to qualify her for any sect in the universe and to become the disciple of the Superorthodox faction. However, the selection process to become the Inner Disciples of powerful figures was much more difficult. Since their energy is limited, they were very strict with the criteria of their disciples.

She looked at Xbalanque and asked hopefully, “Would I do? I’m a person who cultivated three Ousias. Since I’m also a force to be reckoned with, can I join the Path Sect?” She was clearly eager to be a part of the sect.

Xbalanque took a look at her and asked, “You’ve cultivated three Ousias?”

“Yes,” Letitia answered earnestly.

Xbalanque caressed his white beard while he spoke, saying, “Impressive… However, our next disciple recruitment date is in another thirty thousand years. If you really want to join the Path Sect, do come. You will be able to be admitted by any Elder in the Sect now that you’ve cultivated three Ousias.”

“Thirty thousand years?” Her disappointment could not be hidden from her eyes.

She thought with the three Ousias she had acquired, the sect would exempt her from the entire recruitment procedure. She did not want to wait for that long.

But since Xbalanque said so, she did not push further, but rather replied with a smile, “Alright, then I’ll come in another thirty thousand years.”

Xbalanque nodded gently. While looking at the two, he said, “Now that there are only the two of you remaining in the Interdimensional Realm, based on the rules, both of you are qualified to watch the Sacred Blossom.”

“Thank you so much,” Letitia said with gratitude.

Xbalanque said, “Let’s leave.”

Subsequently, with a wave of his hand, Letitia and James left the Realm. The two stood out among the millions upon millions of living beings, thus being awarded the seat to watch the Sacred Blossom.

After they left the Realm, the two were arranged to live in the Path Sect temporarily until the Blossoms bloom. The Path Sect was a hill. On the peak of the hill, there are many independent buildings built specifically by the Sect to observe the figures that come to watch the Blossom each year.

James and Letitia also earned themselves a chateau with a garden. While James was sitting on a chair in the garden, Letitia’s ecstasy was so overwhelming that she danced around.

“James, thank you so much. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have the opportunity to watch the Sacred Blossom. I will definitely cherish the opportunity and seize the chance to understand more cultivation methods, building my reputation far and wide.”

This was what Letitia has been waiting for all this while. She had worked very hard for this day to come.

James, who was sitting next to her said with a smile, “Then I must congratulate you first.”

Letitia sat beside him, her adorable face as red as a tomato.

“Right,” James recalled something and asked, “Is there someone called Thea Callahan in this world?”

James came to the Primeval Age to look for Thea. It was the Ancestral Gods of this Age who took away some of Thea’s soul and used it to make the Ancestral God Rank Elixir. This meant that Thea Callahan must have been an extremely powerful figure. Otherwise, the remnants of her soul would not have qualified to become a part of the Elixir.

“Thea Callahan… No, I’ve never heard of her,” Letitia contemplated and said, “This world is too big, there’s always a possibility that there’s a powerful figure that I don’t know of.”

“Maybe she’s not even called Thea Callahan,” James said.

Thea Callahan was only the reincarnation of a soul. Thea’s past life, or her original self, may not even be called as such. James had no idea what it was called now.

He was sure that if he had a drawing of Thea, perhaps Letitia would recognize her immediately.


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