The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3327

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3327-He immediately pulled out some paper currency from the Celestial ABode and drew a picture of Thea before handing it over to Letitia. He asked, “Have you seen her before?”

Letitia accepted the picture and scrutinized it.

Immediately, she had the shock of her life.

“I-Isn’t this Bria Callahan?”

“Bria Callahan?” James froze and asked, “Do you know her?”

Letitia returned the picture to James and said, “I know her, but she doesn’t know me.”

James asked, “Who is this… Bria Callahan?”

Letitia explained, “There are many powerful families in the universe, and among them are the Calalhans, who are some of the most distinguished families in this world. Bria Callahan is truly a powerful figure. As a Caelum Ancestral God, she’s only a step away from becoming a Macrocosm Ancestral God. According to the strength ranking, she’s in the top ten in this universe.”

James listened intently. Hearing this, he was now sure that Bria Callahan was Thea’s past and original self.

“Top ten of this universe? Sounds impressive,” James murmured.

If he went to the Callahans and claimed to be Bria’s husband, he would probably be beaten to a pulp. Now, he should not be hasty. Now that he knew about Thea’s whereabouts, everything was much easier now.

“Which realm are the Callahans located in?” James asked.

Letitia said, “Dunnetsk in the Divine Dimension of the Human Realm.”

“Oh,” James said.

“Why?” Letitia looked at him and asked, “You know her?”

“How should I put this?” After some thought, James said, “Just like you, I know her. But she probably doesn’t know about me.”

“James.” Letitia said with a serious look on her face, “Bria Callahan is a stunning beauty well-renowned throughout the world. Not only that, she possesses unparalleled strength. As such, she has many suitors asking for her hand in marriage. You don’t stand a chance.”

Letitia could tell that James had a crush on Bria.

James remained silent as he contemplated his next course of action. He was contemplating a way to approach Bria and tell her that he was her husband. Not only that, they even had two daughters and a son.

After a whole day, he had no idea what to do. He sighed in frustration and stored the picture away. He believed that he would need to gain a strength that was equal to Bria before she would accept him.

“Caelum Ancestral God…”

James clenched his fists and murmured with firm determination, “I will do my very best. One day, I will cross into the Ancestral God Rank and become a Caelum Ancestral God.”

Letitia had no idea what James was murmuring about. She did not ask.

James sat on the chair. After a deep contemplation for a whole day, he took a deep breath and looked at Letitia, asking smilingly, “Letitia, what’s your purpose of cultivation?”

Letitia froze and said, “Me? To become a well-renowned figure, of course!”

“Just that?”

“What else?’ Letitia returned the question, “What about you, James?”

“Me…?” After some contemplation, he said, “At the beginning, it was to protect my homeland. Then, I wanted to ensure that my family stayed safe. Now, I just want to find my loved one.”


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