The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3332

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3332-It was unknown how often the Ancestral Sword Master had been absent to view the Sacred Blossom. Nevertheless, his seat had always been empty. On so many occasions, no one dared to sit in his seat.

Firstly, no one could sit in it.

Secondly, no one dared to sit in it.

Now, a young man was sitting in the Ancestral Sword Master’s seat, and he managed to resist the pressure of the Ancestral Sword Master’s swordsmanship.

For a while, many powerhouses were taking guesses about James’ identity.

“Could he be a new Inner Disciple?”

“Probably so. Only by being the Ancestral Sword Master’s Inner Disciple and having his consent can he sit there.”

The sound of discussions resounded.

Even Melinda thought James was an Inner Disciple of the Ancestral Sword Master. She could not help but ask, “When did the Ancestral Sword Master take you in as his disciple? Why wasn’t there any news about this?”

The Ancestral Talisman Master, next to James, was no longer interested in what was happening after glancing at James. He closed his eyes and continued waiting for the beginning of the Sacred Blossom.

Sitting in the Ancestral Sword Master’s seat, James could feel that he was being engulfed by the Sword Energy. The Sword Energy was not hostile toward him.

The Sword Path Energy entered his body and stimulated the Sword Path Ousia in his body. Right then, the Sword Path Ousia seemed to be absorbing the Sword Path Energy.

At that moment, James fell into a mysterious state.

In a trance, a figure appeared in his mind. The figure was interpreting and teaching the Sword Path.

James was enlightened. Hours seemed to have passed, but in reality, only minutes had passed.

He had a breakthrough. James had reached the third Consolidation, and his comprehension of the Sword Path had increased.

After the figure in his mind disappeared, he woke up from the mysterious state. Sensing that he had reached the third Consolidation, he could not help but take a deep breath.

“How strange. Not only have I sat in the place the Ancestral Sword Master had sat before, but my comprehension of the Sword Path has also increased. In just a moment, I’ve reached the next Consolidation.”

“It’s no wonder he’s the top powerhouse of this era.”

He was very strong. The more James was in contact with a bigshot, the more he felt that his cultivation base was low.

“Not bad.” In the seat beside him, Melinda smiled. “I didn’t expect you to comprehend the Sword Path and reach the third Consolidation the moment you sat in the seat.”

Looking at Melinda, James grinned. “Thank you for your compliment.”

“It’s nothing. You have always been outstanding.” Melinda asked, “By the way, what’s your relationship with the Ancestral Sword Master? I know you aren’t his Inner Disciple because if you were his Inner Disciple, you wouldn’t have comprehended the Sword Path the moment you sat in his seat.”

James smiled.

Strictly speaking, he was the Ancestral Sword Master’s successor. However, as he was not the Ancestral Sword Master’s Inner Disciple, he did not receive any guidance from him, so did not explain himself.

At this time, an elder hurried over.

The elder appeared to be in the eighties. He wore a grey robe and had the aura of a cultivator. With an anxious expression, he stood before James and looked at him before scolding, “What are you doing? This is the Ancestral Sword Master’s seat. How can you sit here? Get up.”

The elder was the current Sect Leader of the Path Sect, and his name was Xzavier Darius. Although he was an Ancestral God, he was only a Mystical Ancestral God.

James responded indifferently, “The Ancestral Sword Master hasn’t arrived, so why can’t I sit here? It’s empty anyway. It’ll be a waste if no one sits here.”

Melinda spoke up, “Sect Leader, don’t worry. If he can sit in this seat, it means he has received the Ancestral Sword Master’s consent. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to sit here.”

Then, Xzavier looked at James.

He could sense James’ cultivation rank and could not help but be stunned as confusion was written all over his face. “The Ancestral Sword Master allowed you to sit here? That’s impossible. You’ve only reached the Divine Rank and haven’t even stepped into the Quasi-Emperor Rank. Even if the Ancestral Sword Master were to send a disciple, it wouldn’t be you.”

“Why not?”

James felt unhappy. It was just a seat. Was it worth chasing him away?

Presently, it seemed that only by admitting that he was the Ancestral Sword Master’s disciple could he sit here, and only by sitting here could he see the entire Sacred Blossom.

Nonetheless, how should he make the elder in front of him think he was the Ancestral Sword Master?

After thinking about it, he realized that there was only one way.


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