The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3336

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3336-After the Sword Guard left, the Ancestral Sword Master fell into deep thought.

He knew that only someone strong could sit in his seat.

Since he was a Caelum Ancestral God, the aura he left behind was terrifying. Only powerhouses ranked higher than the Ancestral God Rank could withstand his seat. However, the Sword Guard told him the person had only reached the Divine Rank.

It was impossible. If someone managed to sit in his seat, there would only be one possibility. Whoever it was shared the same power as him.

The Ancestral Sword Master knew that James was related to him in some way. It was just that he had no idea how so.

He did not continue to ponder on this as he closed his eyes and took a rest.

Meanwhile, at the venue of the Sacred Blossom, everyone had stopped discussing James. All living beings present were taking a rest.

As time passed, more living beings arrived at the venue. Aside from the core area, everywhere else was filled to the brim.

The buds of the Sacred Blossom were in mid-air. James kept his eyes on them. They were huge, approximately the size of a basket, and blossomed with colorful glare.

Meanwhile, the space below the Sacred Blossom was magical. There was a mass of magical mud, and it was floating in mid-air without falling.

When James was confused about it, the buds of the Sacred Blossom changed.

A ray of light shot up to the sky from the Sacred Blossom. Following the ray of white light, the buds transformed and a radiant flower bloomed.

The Sacred Blossom bloomed in an instant. The moment it bloomed, countless Paths were summoned in this area which was filled with rules and sigils.

James stared at the Sacred Blossom.

Every petal of the Sacred Blossom represented a Path, and each did its part. Every powerhouse in the venue was grasping the Paths earnestly.

As for James, he did not know what to grasp, so he just stared at the Sacred Blossom.

His gaze was mainly fixed on the core area of the Sacred Blossom. The five petals represented the Five Great Paths and one represented Karma.

The petal that represented Karma was the largest. It occupied the center of the Sacred Blossom.

Watching the petal which represented Karma, he realized that this petal was mystical. It contained a magical power. Unfortunately, James could not comprehend anything from the petal.

Then, he looked at the five petals surrounding the Karma. They represented Time, Space, Life, Death, and Reincarnation.

All five petals were dazzling. The five Paths did not seem to have a connection with each other, but at the same time, they seemed to have a little connection.

James was attracted by the five dazzling petals. He seemed to have fallen into a trance.

It also seemed that he had seen the birth of a living being in another space. He watched the living being growing up from a baby to a teenager to an adult, getting married, continuing the generation, and growing old before dying and being buried in the ground.

This scene flashed in James’ mind.

In the meantime, James seemed to have comprehended something.

At this moment, he seemed to have understood the secret of Time, Space, Life, Death, and Reincarnation. He wanted to grab the sudden inspiration, but the more he wanted to grab it, the more it got away from him.

Jamesgrew anxious. Nonetheless, the more anxious he felt, the more useless it was.

In the end, he calmed himself down.


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