The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3341

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3341-Many elite cultivators studied the Five Great Paths but were only able to comprehend its basics. Therefore, none of them could create a cultivation method of the Five Great Paths.

The Path Sect was intrigued by the Five Great Paths’ cultivation method. With time, they would eventually become the most powerful sect in the universe if they acquired the Five Great Paths’ cultivation method.

James began to ponder deeply.

The Path Sect offered to give him anything in exchange for the cultivation method.

However, he did not want anything.

After mulling it over, James apologized. “I’m very sorry, but I don’t need anything at the moment.”

Both Xzavier and Xbalanque were disappointed with his response.

Although they knew obtaining such a profound cultivation method from James would be difficult, they still attempted to ask him.

After James declined their offer, the two no longer insisted on bartering with him. They bid farewell and left.

James leaped up onto the courtyard fence again. He looked at Xzavier and Xbalanque’s retreating figures and murmured, “Is the Five Great Paths’ cultivation method that strong? Even a Mystical Ancestral God humbled himself to obtain it from me.”

As he used his mind to control the Time Ousia in his body, a powerful force surged through it. At that moment, James had control of time.

Time around him quickly reversed. Xzavier and Xbalanque, who had walked some distance away, had their steps reversed.

“The Power of Time is incredible.”

James was awed.

He used Time Power to speed up the passage of time and then fast-forwarded his two visitors into the distance again.

Later, James experimented with the Power of Space.

After familiarizing himself with Space Power, James could disappear into the surrounding space without a trace.

Xzavier and Xbalanque, who had left previously, returned to the courtyard after sensing James manipulating time in the area.

When they arrived outside the courtyard, they watched James brandishing the Power of Time and Space and gasped in amazement.

Xbalanque said, “Amazing. This is how much he can do only knowing the basics of the Five Great Paths? With more practice, he could become an unrivaled powerhouse in the universe when he reaches the Ancestral God Rank with Ousias of the Five Great Paths. He’d be practically invincible”

Xzavier said in response, “Indeed. It won’t take many years before he becomes one of the greatest powerhouses in our universe.”

After watching him for a while, the two commented on James and left the courtyard.

When they left, James emerged from the space he had hidden himself. He floated in mid-air and activated the Power of Life. With a simple flourish of his hand, a white light emerged.

The white light shone on the ground, and some grass sprouts immediately poked out of the soil.

Possessing Life Power allowed him to create new life.


James waved his hand again, and the grass withered instantly.

Lastly, he tried out the Power of Reincarnation.

Reincarnation Power was the most mystical out of the Five Great Paths. It combined life and death, allowing him to give life and take life.


After testing the powers of the Five Great Paths, James chuckled in satisfaction.

With such powers, no one could stand against him if he became a Grand Emperor or even an Ancestral God.

James brimmed with confidence and felt undefeatable.

“I’ll become a Macrocosm Ancestral God sooner or later.”

James clenched his fists tightly, and he wore a resolute expression.

“Wait for me, Winnie. After I become a Macrocosm Ancestral God, I’ll travel into the past to save you. No one can imprison my daughter, not even the Heavenly Path!”


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