The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3343

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3343-Letitia said, “The Sacred Bloom in full bloom is marvelous. I acquired so much knowledge, but I’ll take me a long time to fully digest the information.”

“Alright.” James nodded.

Letitia looked at James, and a bright smile formed on her pretty face. “Congratulations, James!”

James smiled faintly in response.

Letitia said, “I don’t know what you learned from the Sacred Blossom when it was in full bloom, but I know you’ve cultivated the Five Great Paths’ Ousias. The news of it has already spread, and you’re a huge sensation now. Everyone is saying that you’ll eventually become a top powerhouse of the universe with enough time.”

“Alright, let’s not discuss this now. We’ve already wasted a lot of time and should continue our journey. Let’s head to the Sword Realm in the Human realm and listen to the Ancestral Sword Master’s lecture,” suggested James.

“Sure.” Letitia nodded.

The two got up and left together.

After walking out of the courtyard, Xbalanque and Xzavier from the Path Sect came to send him off.

“Are you leaving already, Mr. Caden?” Xzavier greeted him with a bright smile.

James nodded and said, “We’ve spent much time here and have to rush to the Human Sword Realm for the Ancestral Sword Master’s lecture.”

“Ah, if that’s the case then, I won’t delay you a second longer.”

After he spoke, he took out a token and handed it to James.

“What’s this for, Mr. Darius?” James did not accept it immediately.

The Path Sect’s Leader, Xzavier answered, “It’s our sect’s token. You can visit us anytime if you have this token with you. The Sacred Blossom in our dimension has already withered, but there will be another in the other dimensions. You’re welcome to visit the Path Sect to inspect it whenever you want.”

Xbalanque caressed his white beard and smiled knowingly. “I’m sure you’ll become a well-known powerhouse in the next Epoch.”

“I appreciate your kind words.”

James smiled and put away the token that Xzavier gave him. Waving his hands, James said, “There’s no need to send us off any further. Goodbye.”

After speaking, he turned around and left.

Letitia followed closely behind him.

Xzavier and Xbalanque watched as the two departed.

“James is a very outstanding cultivator. Although he has a low cultivation rank, his physical strength is amazing. I’m starting to suspect he is the reincarnation of a legendary powerhouse from the past.” postulated Xbalanque.

Xzavier agreed. “Indeed. He produced the Five Great Paths’ Ousias despite only examining the Sacred Blossom for a short while. A genius like him must already possess more than one Ousia before coming here.”

Xbalanque nodded and said, “Even if he only had one Ousia, he would have six after cultivating the Ousias of the Five Great Paths. I’m guessing he has about seven Ousias right now. A prodigy like him can only be found in Mount Heavenly Path.”

“Let’s wait for some good news.”

The two watched as James left, optimistic about his future.

James left the Path Sect and returned to the city.

He met up with Ximun in the inn. Then, the trio departed from the city together.

The city gate bustled with traffic and people.

The three arrived outside the city, and Letitia was about to summon the Saucer when suddenly, a powerful aura came from afar.

Everyone at the city gate looked into the distance and saw a man approaching.

The man wore a blue robe and looked about 30 years old. His hands were crossed behind him, and he slowly walked toward the city gate. Mysterious Path Power emerged beneath him as he stepped forward, giving him an oppressive aura.

James immediately sensed murderous intent coming from the man.

“Did he come for me?”

James squinted his eyes, trying to identify the man.


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