The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3347

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3347-“I lost to you.”

Woodson said disappointedly, “I’m a man of my word. From today onward, I’ll become your follower.”

James smiled faintly. He turned around and walked away, saying, “I don’t need you to be my follower.”

After replying to him, James disappeared from sight.

Many powerhouses in the distance had witnessed the fight, including Xzavier and some Path Sect Elders.

“He’s terrifying.”

Marveled, Xzavier praised him. “Even at a low cultivation rank, he displayed such outstanding swordsmanship. His comprehension of the First Swordsmanship is remarkable. Other Sword Cultivators at the Grand Emperor Rank are unlikely to wield this technique better than him.”

A Path Sect Elder, who was also a Sword Cultivator, agreed with Xzavier. “Indeed. He integrated many types of Sword Moves into his technique. Only a disciple of the Ancestral Sword Master could learn so many intricate Sword Moves.”

Another elder chimed in, saying, “It’s one thing to be able to learn the Sword Moves, but he even combined them together. That’s what makes him exceptional.”

“Given enough time, he’ll definitely achieve great things in the future.”

The Sect Path’s Elders spoke highly of James.

The cultivators that watched the battle also praised James, calling him the greatest prodigy of their age. Despite having a low cultivation rank, they all believed he would soon become a powerhouse.

Woodson stood atop the mountain.

Gone was his previous bravado. His confidence had suffered a tremendous blow after his defeat.

He came to challenge James and even set up unfair odds against him. Yet, he still lost in a single move. Faced with James’ swordsmanship, he had no room to even counter the attack.

Woodson recognized that the disparity between him and James was worlds apart. He would never be able to catch up with James even if he dedicated his entire life to it.

He left the battlefield crestfallen.

Meanwhile, James had already boarded the Saucer and was on the way to the Human Realm.

“You’re so strong, James.”

On the Saucer, Letitia looked at James with admiration. “You’re opponent was a prodigy of the Path Sect. He was regarded as the Path Sect’s most outstanding disciple in the last 100,000 years. Yet, he couldn’t even withstand one move from you. As expected from the Ancestral Sword Master’s disciple! Your swordsmanship is top-tier. Although I’m also a Sword Cultivator, my First Swordsmanship is nothing when compared to yours.”

Standing aside, Ximun said bitterly, “What’s so impressive about him? He simply had an outstanding teacher. If I had the Ancestral Sword Master as my teacher, I’d also be as good as him.”

Letitia immediately retorted. “Shut up and go away. Stay out of my sight. The sight of you annoys me.”

James lightly waved his hand and said, “That’s enough. Stop bickering with each other.”

Letitia’s face immediately lit up with a smile. Then, she said, “Since your First Swordsmanship is already so powerful, that must mean you’ve also mastered the other Four Stages of the Ancestral Sword Master’s Swordsmanship, right? That makes you the most powerful Grand Emperor in history once you reach the Grand Emperor Rank!”

James smiled but did not say anything in response.

Letitia continued to speak incessantly.

She even ask James to recommend her as a student to the Ancestral Sword Master.

At that moment, James wore a troubled expression.

He had never seen the Ancestral Sword Master himself, yet the Ancestral Sword Master’s reputation followed him wherever he went.

How would he face the Ancestral Sword Master when he arrived at the Mount Sword God?

Would he have the answers to the Ancestral Sword Master’s questions?

James was anxious.

“I’m a little tired and want to rest for a bit. Let me know when we’ve reached the Human Realm.”

After uttering a few words, James got up and left to another room in the Saucer.

He walked into the room and lay down on the bed. He placed his hands under his head and stared at the ceiling in a daze.

He was no longer in the Apocalypse Age.

In the Apocalypse Age, he was considered a powerhouse and could protect himself well.

However, there were many people like him in the Primeval Age.

He could be killed if he was not careful.

His goal was to survive and amass strength as quickly as possible.

Now that he made a name for himself, countless challenges and troublesome situations awaited him in the future.

“Wait for me, Thea. It won’t be long before I come to find you. We’ll leave the Primeval Age together and return to the age we came from.”


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