The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3348

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3348-James returned to his private room on the Saucer.

It would take a while before Letitia’s Saucer reached the Human Realm.

James wanted to use his free time efficiently. He set up a Time Formation in the room and began to study the Five Great Paths he had just learned.

The Five Great Paths were the most mysterious of all the Paths in the universe.

They were profound and complex, making them hard to grasp. Even Great Emperors and Ancestral Gods barely understood these Paths.

James began to study the Time Path again.

He closed his eyes, and the image of the Sacred Blossom appeared in his mind. The petal representing the Time Path manifested, and the mysterious inscriptions he saw on the petals also formed in his mind.

The inscriptions were complicated, and James only managed to glean very little from it.

James tried to study them one by one.

At the same time, he absorbed power from the outside world to enhance his Time Ousia.

Time flowed quickly, and a hundred years passed in the blink of an eye.

100 years in the outside world was more than 35,000 years inside the Time Formation. During this period, James’ Time Ousia was close to the Consolidation Stage.

However, his comprehension was not enough to prevail through Consolidation.

James marveled at how complex the Time Path was and felt it was indeed worthy of being one of the Five Great Paths.

If he spent this time improving his Sword Path, he would have already entered the Quasi Emperor Rank by now.

Although he had not reached the second Consolidation, he stood on the cusp of it.

James reached a roadblock and could not reach the Consolidation Stage no matter how much more he tried to understand the Time Path. He needed an opportunity for a breakthrough.

As long as he had a breakthrough, his Time Path would go through the second Consolidation.

James stopped cultivating and dispersed the Time Formation.

Then, he stayed in his room and fell into thought.

Knock, knock, knock.

James heard a knock on the door, interrupting his thoughts. He immediately snapped back to reality and walked over to open the door.

Standing at the door was a beautiful woman in a white dress. As if she were a goddess, she radiated an ethereal elegance.

“James, we’re reaching the Human Realm soon,” Letitia said with a smile.

“Alright.” James nodded and walked out of the room. Then, he headed to the Saucer’s main hall.

In the main hall, Ximun leaned against a chair with a troubled look. Seeing James approaching, he immediately sat up straight and greeted him. “James.”

Ximun could tell that Letitia liked James, and he considered James his romantic rival.

However, James was a direct disciple of the Ancestral Sword Master and even wielded the Ancestral Sword Master’s weapon. Moreover, James even comprehended the Five Great Paths from the Sacred Blossom.

Therefore, he still showed respect to James.

James walked over, nodded slightly, and sat down beside him.

Letitia also took a seat beside them.

James said, “If I’m not wrong, there are still about 200 years before the Ancestral Sword Master’s lecture, right?”

Letitia replied. “Correct. We leaped a 100 years in time and stayed in the Katun Realm for another hundred years. A further hundred years have passed, so there should be only two hundred years before his lecture.”

After a brief thought, James said, “When we reach the Human Realm, you two can head to the Mount Sword God without me.”

Surprised, Letitia asked. “Huh? Aren’t you coming with us?”

James shook his head slightly and said, “No, I have other things to do. After I’m done, I’ll head to the Sword Realm’s Mount Sword God and reunite with you two.”

Letitia was disappointed. She wanted to follow James into Mount Sword God, hoping James could recommend her as a disciple to the Ancestral Sword Master.


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