The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3350

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3350-Five Epochs ago, Bria rose above the other prodigies of her generation.

In this age, no one dared to call themselves a prodigy.

After learning about Thea’s main body and her achievements, James felt very proud that his wife held such strength.

However, he was slightly anxious. Bria was a very talented cultivator, and it had already been six Epochs since she was born. He was worried that she would have already found a partner by now.

It would be troublesome if that were the case.

James wondered what he would do if Thea had a partner and was married, or if she already had someone she fancied.


James took a deep breath and put away his complicated thoughts.

He casually waved his hand, and a crack formed in the space before him.

James walked into the crack and disappeared from the area.

The next moment, he arrived in Dunnetsk.

The space of the Primeval Age was very robust, and even more so in a major realm like the Human Realm.

This made it difficult for even a Ninth Heaven Grand Emperor to open a spatial passage.

However, James was a special case.

He had mastered the Space Path and had a Space Ousia. Therefore, it was easy for him to create passages in the space.

Dunnetsk was a very prosperous region within the Human Realm. Countless sects and families populated this area.

James’ purpose for visiting Dunnetsk was to find the Callahans.

He quickly headed to a city close to the Callahans’ base.

The city was called Callahan City and was named in honor of the Callahans.

Callahan City was very lively.

Although it was named after the Callahans, many other families and sects lived within the city.

James walked on the broad streets and observed the different kinds of people walking past him. He thought about how to visit the Callahans and see Bria.

He walked aimlessly on the streets and eventually entered a tavern.

James knew that a tavern was the best place to inquire about information.

The tavern had a large hall. James walked inside and glanced around. After finding an empty seat, he made himself comfortable. Then, he paid a few Holy Stones for a pitcher of wine and began to drink leisurely.

There were many customers inside the tavern.

Many sat in groups, drinking and chatting about the major events happening all over the universe.

Since they were in Callahan City, the Callahans’ affairs were naturally the most popular topic. Bria was mentioned in almost every conversation.

“Have you heard, the Callahans’ eldest daughter has left seclusion?”

“Is that so? When did she leave? It’s been a while since the eight Callahan daughters have shown themselves in public.”

“Yeah. According to the news from some of the Callahans, it seems the eldest daughter is set to fight against someone.”

“That’s big news! The Callahans’ eldest daughter is very strong and talented. It’s only been six Epochs since her birth, but she’s already an Ancestral God. Although she’s only at the Mystical Ancestral God rank, she’s still very powerful.”

“I heard her opponent is Ancestral God Lowther.”

“Benji Lowther was born in the same generation as the Callahans’ daughters. However, he is much inferior when compared to them.”


Many people gossiped about the Callahans inside the tavern.

After listening to their conversations for a while, James learned one thing.

A powerhouse named Benji wanted to challenge the Callahans’ eldest daughter.

The fight would be held in three days on a deserted planet outside the Human Realm, where no creatures lived.

Although the battle was supposed to be held in private, it was impossible for secrets to stay hidden.

Despite being a secret fight, news of it still spread like wildfire. Some powerhouses had already left for the venue in advance to wait for the fight.


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