The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3351

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3351-Everyone was interested in watching the battle, particularly to witness the Callahans’ eldest daughter in action.

Rumor had it that the Callahan sisters were exceptionally beautiful. Therefore, everyone was looking forward to getting a glimpse of the eldest young lady.

James touched his chin and murmured, “This sounds interesting. It might be my chance to get close to the Callahans. However, the battle is between Ancestral Gods. With my current strength, I’ll probably die if I were to get caught up in the battle.”

He wanted to watch the fight and use the opportunity to approach the Callahans. However, he dismissed the idea after remembering how low his cultivation rank was.

A fight between Ancestral Gods was terrifying. Previously, he had consumed the Ancestral God Rank Elixir and temporarily possessed the power of an Ancestral God. Thus, he was well aware of how powerful they were. Their every attack contained destructive force that could destroy planets.

After giving up on the idea, he tried to think of other ways of approaching the Callahans and meeting Thea.

“I heard the Callahans are recruiting guards.”

“I’d like to try out for it, but the Callahans are a major family and have stringent requirements for their guards. I don’t think I meet those prerequisites.”

Once again, James overheard the other customer’s conversations.

After learning that the Callahans were looking for new guards, he was immediately intrigued.

He began to ask around about the recruitment process.

After questioning a couple of people, he learned about the requirements to become one of the Callahans’ guards.

The Callahans were hiring a large number of guards and servants.

Many rogue cultivators without a sect were trying to enter the Callahan household to become part of a major family.

James felt it was an opportunity for him to enter the Callahans by becoming a servant or guard. He might have a chance to meet Thea.

After a brief thought, James dismissed the idea again.

It was almost impossible for a lowly servant or guard to meet esteemed powerhouses like the Callahan sisters.

However, he did not give up and temporarily remained in Callahan City.

While staying in the city, he began looking for a way to meet Bria.

Three months later, James still had not come up with an idea.

Unexpectedly, a piece of news began circulating the city.

“I heard the Callahans’ eldest daughter was defeated and severely injured in the fight against Benji.”

“The Callahan’s eldest lady lost?”

“Yeah. Benji had been in seclusion for more than an Epoch and was already a Terra Ancestral God. His cultivation rank far surpassed hers. I also heard Benji was trying to fight the second daughter now and has plans to take all her sisters on. Eventually, his last opponent will be Bria.

“The Callahans’ eldest daughter was gravely wounded and is in critical condition. Even a Caelum Ancestral God like Bria is unable to treat her wounds. Rumors are that the Callahans have already gone to seek the Ancestral Needle Master’s help. However, his whereabouts are unknown. It’s unlikely that the eldest daughter will survive before they bring the Ancestral Needle Master to her.”

The news spread throughout Callahan City.

After James heard about the news, a thought sprang to his mind.

James felt this was his chance.

They were looking for the Ancestral Needle Master?

He had obtained the Ancestral Needle Master’s inheritance and even possessed Crucifier, which could save the Callahans’ eldest daughter. If he saved her, he might have a chance to get close to Bria.

James immediately rushed over to the Callahans’ residence without any hesitation.

The Callahans lived in a mountain range outside of Callahan City.

The mountain range was extraordinary and had countless Primordial Pulses beneath it. Thus, it was an excellent location for cultivating.

Soon, James appeared outside the Callahans’ mountain gates.

In front of the gates was a huge stone tablet with two large words engraved on it—Callahan Residence.


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