The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3353

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3353-James summoned Crucifier using his mind, and it floated before him.

James was worried that summoning it would cause Karma Power to strike him. Thus, he quickly put it away after showing it to Lana.

Then, he looked at Lana and asked with a smile. “Do you believe me now?”

Lana nodded lightly and said, “That’s indeed the Ancestral Needle Master’s Crucifier. It’s the weapon he used to make a name for himself. Please come inside.”

Lana made a welcoming gesture and invited James into the Callahan Residence.

James followed her and walked through the winding mountain paths.

During this period, James looked at Lana intently.

Lana had a perfect figure, and her long black hair fluttered behind her as she walked. James could also smell a faint fragrance coming from her body.

James looked away and asked. “I heard the guards calling you Lanathia just now. Are you the sixth Callahan daughter?”

“Yes, I am. What’s the matter?” Lana did not turn around to answer him.

James asked. “How would you like me to address you? Should I call you Lanathia, Lana, or do you prefer Ms. Lanathia?”

“Suit yourself.”

Lana did not care about these formalities.

“Okay. Then I’ll call you, Lanathia.”

James chuckled and said, ” You and your sisters are very talented. Apparently, the strongest among you is Bria. I heard she became an Ancestral God in merely one Epoch and is one of the universe’s top ten powerhouses.”

“That’s right.” Lana nodded.

James asked. “What is Bria’s real name? Is it perhaps Thea?”

Hearing this, Lana turned around and looked at James in astonishment. She asked, “Her name is supposed to be a secret. Only a few core members of the Callahans know it. How did you find out?”

Her response made James confident that Bria’s actual name was Thea.

James was unsure of how to answer Lana’s question. After a brief thought, he replied lightly. “It was a lucky guess.”

Lana cast a suspicious glance at James but did not pursue the topic further. She turned around and continued to lead the way.

James caught up with her and asked, “Is Thea home right now?”

Lana turned around and said coldly, “Her name isn’t for you to use as you please. You can address her as Bria or Briana. That’s what outsiders call her. Never speak her real name. Its use is exclusive to only one person.”

James’ face darkened, and he asked. “Who might that be?”

Unfortunately, Lana refused to answer.

James frowned.

Exclusive to one person?

Had Thea already found herself a man?

Thinking of the possibility, he clenched his fists. He caught up with Lana and asked, “Does Briana already have a partner?”

Lana simply replied. “No.”

“Then why can only one person use her real name? Who’s this special person?”

Lana remained silent. After a while, she said, “It has nothing to do with you. You’re here to treat my elder sister, aren’t you? You should refrain from poking your nose into our family affairs. It won’t do you any good.”

Seeing that Lana was unwilling to disclose much, James refrained from prying any further.

James followed Lana deep into the mountain range where the Callahan Residence was located.

Finally, they arrived on a mountain that was abundant in Empyrean Spiritual Energy. A grand manor was situated atop the mountain and was surrounded by flowers.

James could smell the pleasant aroma of the flowers as he got close.

All sorts of exotic flowers and herbs were planted around the manor. Some Spiritual Butterflies danced around the flowers, which was a lovely sight.

Lana pointed to the manor ahead and said, “That’s where my eldest sister stays. If you can’t treat her, I’ll turn you into mincemeat.”


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