The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3354

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3354-Lana showed James no mercy.

She would never have personally gone out to meet James if not because her eldest sister was severely injured and desperately needed treatment.

James gritted his teeth and said, “Let’s put that aside for now. Bring me to her so I can check on her condition.”

“Follow me.”

Lana walked ahead into the courtyard. She pushed open the gate and walked toward a room within the manor.

James followed behind her.

Lana pushed open the door.

The room layout was homely, but the view was interrupted by a curtain in the center of the room, obscuring a bed behind it.

A woman was seated in a lotus position on the bed.

Lana pulled the curtain open, walked to the bed, and called, “Danielle.”

James followed and felt slightly embarrassed to see her clad in a sheer, white outfit.

The woman’s face was pallid. She slowly opened her eyes and looked at Lana.

“It’s you, Lanathia.”

Then, the woman looked at James and asked. “Who might this be?”

Lana immediately said, “He’s a disciple of the Ancestral Needle Master and came to treat your injuries.”

After the introduction, Lana turned to James and said, “I still don’t know how to address you.”

James parted his lips and replied. “My name is James Caden.”

Lana pointed to her sister and said, “This is my eldest sister. Hurry up and examine her.”

James walked over to the bedside and said, “Please allow me to first examine your condition.”

The Callahans’ eldest daughter nodded lightly, then stretched out her hand. Her white and slender arm appeared before James.

James immediately checked on her pulse and his True Energy flowed through her veins. In just a short moment, James confirmed the severity of her injuries and frowned.

Standing to the side, Lana said, “Danielle was injured by Benji Lowther. He is also a prodigy born in the same generation as us. Despite being a talented cultivator, he had always been overpowered by me and my sisters.

“He has constantly fought against us.

“Benji uses a terrifying power called Destructive Power, and he walks the Path of Destruction.

“The Destruction Path is very powerful. My sister was afflicted with Destructive Power, and even Bria is unable to remove it from her body. The Destruction Power is slowly eating away at her physical body and soul. Fortunately, our elder sister is formidable. Otherwise, she would’ve died long ago.”

James nodded.

He had also sensed the power in her body.

Although his cultivation rank was low, he could clearly sense the Destructive Power in Danielle’s body.

Lana was right about her sister surviving purely due to her strength. Had she not been an Ancestral God, Danille would not have been able to suppress the Destructive Power.

Danielle interjected and said, “The Destructive Power in my body is akin to maggots, stubbornly clinging to my flesh. No matter what method I use, I can’t rid myself of it. Even if I were to abandon my current body and construct a new one, it wouldn’t be effective as the Destructive Power has also tainted my soul.”

Lana said, “The only person I can think of that can save Danielle is the Ancestral Needle Master. Crucifier is a powerful weapon that has existed since the beginning of the universe. Such a transcendental weapon must be able to dispel the Destructive Power in Danielle’s body.”

James was unsure of whether he could treat Danielle.

Although Crucifier could treat her condition, treatment had to be administered by a powerful individual. The Destructive Power in Danielle’s body was terrifyingly strong. Meanwhile, James had a very low cultivation rank and the treatment could rebound if he were not careful.

At his cultivation rank, he would die if he withstood the rebound during the treatment.

“I can use Crucifier to try to treat her, but I have one request.”

James glanced at Lana and Danielle.


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