The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3355

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3355-James replied, “I’d like to see Thea, I mean, Bria. Please ask her to come in person to perform the treatment with Crucifier. Danielle was injured by a Terra Ancestral God. My cultivation rank is too low to perform the procedure. If I’m not careful, I’ll die if it backfires. I don’t want to take any risks.”

Danielle’s eyes widened in surprise. “You want to see Briana?”

Lana replied, “Not a chance. Briana is currently in seclusion and isn’t able to come here. Pass Crucifier to me, and teach me how to use it. I’ll perform the treatment.”

“That’s not possible.”

James refused her instantly.

Since it was an opportunity to meet Thea, James did not want to give up so easily.

He traveled to the Primeval Age just to find her.

Although he was confident Bria was Thea, he wanted to confirm it with his own eyes.

Lana silently considered his proposal. After a while, she said, “Briana really has secluded herself at the moment. Please wait here. I’ll go look for her and see if I can get her to leave seclusion.”

James made a gesture for her to proceed.

Lana did not say anything more and left the room.

James casually waved his hand, and a nearby chair flew over. He sat down and looked at Danielle sitting in a lotus position on the bed.

He scanned her frail figure.

Danielle wore a sheer dress that accentuated her perfect figure. She also had a gorgeous face.

“You like what you see?”

Danielle looked at James and smiled teasingly.

At the sound of her comment, James returned to his senses. Then, he said earnestly, “Nice to meet you, Danielle. Let me introduce myself. My name is James Caden.”

Danielle nodded lightly and said, “I never expected that the Ancestral Needle God had a successor. He even passed Crucifier to you.”

James was not interested in what she was saying.

He could tell Danielle was easier to talk to compared to Lana.

“I heard from Lana that the use of Thea’s name is restricted, and only one man can speak her real name.”

“Yeah.” Danielle looked at James and asked with a smile. “How did you know her name is Thea? Did Lana tell you?”

James did not reply to her question and asked. “Who’s this man? Is he Thea’s lover?”

Danielle looked at James and laughed. “You’re lucky there aren’t outsiders here. If word got out that you’re addressing her as Thea, you’ll probably end up a corpse in some barren mountain very soon.”

With slightly furrowed brows, James asked. “Is it that bad? Could you tell me more?”

Danielle was very easygoing and did not intend to hide the truth. She asked. “Do you know about Ancestral God Herschel?”

“Ancestral God Herschel?”

James was taken aback.

He had only been in the Primeval Age briefly and knew a few famous powerhouses in this age. The name Danielle uttered was one he had not heard before.

“Who’s that? Is he powerful?”

Danielle rolled her eyes and said, “Are you really the Ancestral Needle Master’s disciple? How can you not know about Ancestral God Herschel?”

James said embarrassedly, “I’ve never heard of him before. Please do enlighten me.”

Danielle smiled and said, “You’re lucky you’re so handsome. I’ll tell you since you’re curious.”

James immediately perked up.

He wanted to know more about Ancestral God Herschel, sensing that he might be his rival in love.


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