The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3358

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3358-James had predicted Crucifier would invoke karmic wrath.

One Crucifer already existed in this Primeval Age. The one James possessed was from the future.

The Karma Power caused the Heavenly Path’s wounds in his body to open up again. James immediately felt excruciating pain rack his body. His face was distorted from the pain, and his forehead was drenched in sweat.

“Injuries from the Heavenly Path?”

The three people present were startled when they sensed the injuries in James’ body.

The sisters were Ancestral Gods and were very familiar with injuries caused by the Heavenly Path.

They were considered the most potent powerhouses at their rank. Moreover, they were no longer bound by the Heavenly Path. However, they would not dare defy the Heavenly Path.

To their knowledge, only a few people could cause injuries using the Heavenly Path’s Power.

One was a Macrocosm Ancestral God.

Second was Radomir, who controlled the Heavenly Path.

Third was the Heaven’s Adjudicators.

The three sisters exchanged glances.

James sat on the floor in a lotus position, urging his Dark Power to suppress the Heavenly Path’s injuries. After a while, the pain subsided significantly after he barely managed to suppress the injuries.

He got up from the floor and wiped the sweat off his forehead.

Thea stared at him and asked. “What happened? What called down the Karma Power? Also, why do you have injuries dealt by the Heavenly Path?”

Lana and Danielle also stared at James curiously.

James’ main purpose was to see Thea. He never planned on saving Danielle from the beginning. Now, he had confirmed that Thea was safe and sound.

He scratched his head embarrassedly, not knowing how to explain himself.

“Many things happened in the past… You probably won’t believe me even if I explained myself, so forget it. Since there’s nothing else to discuss, I’ll take my leave first.”

After speaking, James turned around and attempted to leave.

Thea immediately moved in front of James and blocked his path, saying coldly, “Why are you leaving without an explanation?”

Lana also interjected, saying, “Only Crucifier can dispel the Destructive Power in Danielle’s body. If you leave now, what will we do about Danielle’s condition?”

James said helplessly, “Actually, I’m from the future and I obtained my Crucifer at some point there. When I traveled here, I brought it with me. There is already a Crucifier in this age. Thus, when I took mine out, it lured Karma Power here.”


Thea looked at James in disbelief.

From the future?

How could he be from the future?

Thea could sense that James’ cultivation rank was relatively low and that was only in the Divine Rank. He was not even a Quasi Ancestral God, so how would a weakling like him be able to travel through time to this age?

Jame shrugged and said, “I already said you wouldn’t believe me, but you insisted on an explanation.”

Danielle said, “Since he wants to leave, let him go. There’s no need to force him. Life and death are written in the stars. With my strength, I can still suppress the Destructive Power for now. Suppressing it for a few more Epochs shouldn’t be a problem.”

James looked at Danielle gratefully.

Thea asked. “Then what’s with the injuries dealt by the Heavenly Path in your body?”

James looked at Thea. A portion of this woman’s soul used to be his wife. He wanted to address her lovingly, but he knew this Thea would surely rip him apart for that.

He replied honestly. “Would you believe me if I said I was injured by the Heavenly Path while traveling through the River of Time to come to this age?

“That’s ludicrous.”

Thea did not believe him and said, “Your cultivation rank is so low. How can survive being injured by the Heavenly Path?”


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