The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3365

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3365-With the help of the Ancestral Needle Master, the Destructive Power in Danielle’s body was successfully expelled.

The Callahans were very grateful to the Ancestral Needle Master.

James and the Ancestral Needle Master sat inside a manor within the Callahan Residence.

The Ancestral Needle Master stroked his white beard and smiled fondly at James. “Since you’ve obtained Crucifier in the future, that means you’re my successor. Why don’t you follow me? I’ll teach you the best medical skills in the universe.”

James promptly refused him. “Your medical skills are the greatest of the universe and you’re also an unparalleled powerhouse. It’s a great honor to be under your tutelage. However, I have some other important matters to settle, and can’t leave with you yet. How about I reunite with you after I’ve dealt with my affairs?”

The Ancestral Needle Master nodded lightly and said, “That works out too. I’ve already sealed away my Crucifier. From now onward, you can use Crucifier without facing any consequences.”

James said gratefully, “Thank you, Sir.”

The Ancestral Needle Master did not say much and vanished.

As for James, he did not immediately leave the Callahan Residence. There were still about a hundred years before the Ancestral Sword Master’s lecture. He had a lot of time left and wanted to stay in the Callahan Residence to see Thea a couple more times.

Mount Heavenly Path was the most terrifying place in the world.

The most powerful person and the only Macrocosm Ancestral God of the universe resided in this place.

Moreover, many prominent powerhouses and Heaven’s Adjudicators also lived on Mount Heavenly Path.

Somewhere within Mount Heavenly Path, a man sat on a rock in front of a river holding a fishing rod.

The man looked to be about 25 or 26 years old. He was quite dashing and wore a white robe.


A man in a blue robe appeared and kneeled on one knee. “Young Master.”

“What’s the matter?” the man asked lightly.

“Young Master, I’ve heard from the Callahans that a young man had visited the Callahan Residence. His name is James Caden, and he publicly addressed Briana by her real name, Thea.”

Hearing this, the man’s face immediately darkened.

“He called her Thea? Interesting.”

Afterward, a smile formed on his face. “I’m the only one that can call her Thea. He must have a death wish to call my woman by her name.”

James did not know that Herschel on Mount Heavenly Path had already set his sights on him.

He had no idea of the fact that he addressed Thea by her real name had spread to Mount Heavenly Path. In fact, he did not really care either.

Even though Herschel was powerful, it was unlikely that he would kill James right?

At that moment, James leisurely wandered around the Spiritual Mountains within the Callahan Residence.

Ever since the Ancestral Needle Master treated Danielle, he was no longer locked up in the courtyard house and was promptly freed. Although he had not obtained permission from the Callahans to wander their estate, he was bored and began roaming around.

“You can’t go any further.”

At this moment, a voice came from behind.

Hearing the sound, James turned around and saw a beautiful woman approaching him.

The woman was Lana.

“Why not?” James asked. “The mountain ahead is full of Primordial Energy, and seems like an interesting place. I’d like to have a look at it.”

Lana said, “That’s our seventh sister, Sienna’s mountain. She’s currently meditating in seclusion there.”

“So what if she’s in seclusion? Why can’t I go there?”

Lana replied, “You don’t understand. Sienna is suffering from an Energy Deviation. If you step into that area, you’ll be destroyed instantly.”

“Is that so?”

James’ curiosity was piqued. He asked. “How did she end up in that condition? Please tell me.”


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