The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3368

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3368-Living beings from the Illuminated World could not absorb and refine Dark Power.

However, James was different. He had already cultivated a Dark Ousia. Despite that, he could not further improve it in the Illuminated World.

James felt that it was an opportunity for him.

Lana looked at James puzzledly and asked, “Can you really treat her?”

James replied, “I won’t know until I try. Could you knock her out for a while? I’m afraid she’ll tear me to pieces if I enter now.”

After mulling it over briefly, Lana replied, Alright.”

She activated a Secret Art, and a powerful force emerged from her palm. The force entered the cage and caused Sienna to slowly lose consciousness.

Afterward, Lana opened the cage.

James walked inside and looked at Sienna lying on the ground. He squatted down, took her hand, and a sliver of his True Energy permeated her body to examine her condition.

He found that the power in Sienna’s body was chaotic. Sienna’s own energy continuously struggled against the Dark Power and was causing damage to her body.

James propped her up into a lotus position. Then, he sat opposite her, placed his palm on hers, and began to activate the cultivation method from the Dark Scripture to absorb the Dark Power from her body.

At that moment, the Dark Power within Sienna’s body flowed toward her arm and into James’ palm.

James refined the Dark Power he absorbed and used it to strengthen her Dark Ousia.

Seeing this, Lana lit up with excitement. She exclaimed, “Is it really working?!!”

James nodded. “Yeah. It’s working.”

She asked, “How long will it take for you to completely absorb the Dark Power from Sienna’s body?”

James shook his head and said, “I don’t really know. It wouldn’t take long if I’m able to gain a deeper knowledge of the Dark Path more quickly and get my Dark Ousia to go through a Consolidation. However, if I reach the Consolidation Stage but can’t overcome the Consolidation, the process will take longer. You should stay on guard outside. I’ll set up a Time Formation to absorb the Dark Power. Also, remember to keep track of time. Let me know when it’s almost time for the Ancestral Sword Master’s lecture. I need to rush over to Mount Sword God.”

“Alright,” said Lana.

Afterward, James proceeded to set up a Time Formation around him.

After the Time Formation was set up, he began to concentrate on absorbing the Dark Power from Sienna’s body. The Dark Power was pure, and he absorbed it without problems.

His Dark Ousia kept growing stronger.

While absorbing the Dark Power, he also attempted to master the Dark Path.

In the past, he was inspired while practicing Curse Magic and perfected the Dark Scripture’s cultivation method.

Since he did not know much about the Dark Path, he turned to Curse Magic in hopes of finding a breakthrough from the Curse Inscriptions he possessed.

Soon, his Dark Ousia came close to the second Consolidation.

James was thrilled.

Mysterious inscriptions floated around James’ body, all of which were Curse Inscriptions.

Lana stood outside the formation and watched James, who was focused on comprehending the Dark Path. Seeing the Curse Inscriptions around him, she was shocked.

“He’s incredible. He even obtained Curse Inscriptions from the Ancestral Talisman Master.”

Tap, tap, tap!

Suddenly, the sound of footsteps grew nearer.

Lana turned around and saw Thea. She greeted her sister. “Briana.”

Thea walked over and saw James inside the Time Formation. She asked, “What’s going on?”

Lana explained everything to Briana.

Thea nodded lightly and said, “If he can really save Sienna, we’ll be indebted to him.”

Lana replied, “He’ll very likely succeed. He’s already absorbing the Dark Power from Sienna’s body.”

“He’s rather mysterious.” Thea looked at James in the formation. Seeing the Curse Inscriptions around his body, she said, “The Ancestral Talisman Master’s Curse Magic isn’t normally passed on to outsiders. It’s surprising that he even has Curse Inscriptions.”

Thea looked at James.

From her angle, she could only see his back.

After looking at his back for a while, she was taken aback. A familiar figure appeared in her mind. It was the figure that kept popping up in her mind since she was a child.

The figure’s back looked identical to James’.


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