The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3370

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3370-Sienna was confused.

She looked in front of her and saw a rather handsome face.

The man’s palms were raised and pressed against hers. He rapidly absorbed the Dark Power in her body. She regained consciousness because the Dark Power in her body was slowly diminishing.

“Who is he? Why is he absorbing the Dark Power in my body?”

Sienna was puzzled.

James had not realized that Sienna had awakened and was still focused on cultivating.

His comprehension of the Curse Inscriptions grew more profound, and he was almost reaching the Curse Ousia’s third Consolidation.

Sienna could sense that the man before her was about to go through a Consolidation and knew she should not disturb him. Calling out to him could potentially cause him to fail.

She began to sense her surroundings and could feel the mysterious inscriptions floating around James’ body.

Sienna knew about the Ancestral Talisman Master but had never seen Curse Inscriptions before. As soon as she saw the Curse Inscriptions, her heart fluttered.

The problem that had been plaguing her for so long was solved in such a short time.

She had been stuck in the Dark World for more than an Epoch. While in the Dark World, she created a cultivation method that could absorb Dark Power after doing her own research.

However, the cultivation method was incomplete. Therefore, she suffered an Energy Deviation and entered a demonic state.

Seeing the Curse Inscriptions around James, she came to a sudden epiphany.

Sienna murmured, “With these inscriptions, I can overcome my current struggles and make a completely new Path for myself.”

While James was cultivating, Sienna also began comprehending the Curse Inscriptions surrounding James.

Time passed slowly.

Soon, James’ Dark Ousia had successfully gone through the third Consolidation. His Dark Power had also grown tremendously.

Meanwhile, Sienna gathered the Dark Power in her body and was almost about to form a Dark Ousia.

James immediately noticed what was happening.


He stopped to look at Sienna and saw her cultivating.

Sienna comprehended the Dark Path quite quickly. She cultivated her Dark Ousia almost instantly. Soon, it went through the first, second, and third Consolidation. With that, she officially stepped into the Quasi Emperor Rank.

Her Dark Ousia’s rank rose rapidly, and quickly became a Path Seal.

James was shocked.

“How is this possible?”

After a while, Sienna slowly open her eyes.

Their eyes immediately met.

Sienna’s eyes were crystal clear and bursting with life.

She stood up, and her dress fluttered.

James stood up as well and looked at her doubtfully.

“Y-You…?” He was slightly puzzled.

“Thanks.” Sienna smiled at him, and her pleasant voice responded.

“I saw the inscriptions around your body and was inspired to perfect the cultivation method I created. I successfully cultivated a Dark Ousia using that and can control the Dark Power in my body now.”

“I see.” James finally understood what had just happened.


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