The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3377

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3377-The Ancestral Sword Master looked at Herschel and asked, “What do you mean?”

Herschel replied, “It’s rumored that James comprehended the Five Great Paths after inspecting the Sacred Blossom. On top of that, he even cultivated the Five Great Paths’ Ousias. He’s indeed a prodigy. So, I’ll give him a chance to live. I’ll hunt him for ten thousand years. If he can survive, I’ll let this matter go. But, if he dies, you can’t pin the blame on me.”

“You’re a jerk!”

Sienna stood up and reprimanded him, “He’s not even a Quasi-Emperor. How is he going to survive with you hunting him? You wouldn’t have dared to state such nonsense if he were at the same cultivation rank as you!”

The Ancestral Sword Master said, “She’s right. You’re a Terra Ancestral God, so why insist on troubling a younger generation?

In fact, Herschel actually had his reasons.

He could forgive James for calling Thea’s name.

However, James had comprehended the Five Great Paths and cultivated their Ousias. His father had sensed that an embryonic form of Macrocosm Power had appeared. Moreover, he had learned that James was the person who possessed the embryonic form of Macrocosm Power. The embryonic form of Macrocosm Power was born because James had cultivated the Five Great Paths’ Ousias.”

If Jame were to continue growing as a cultivator, he would eventually become a Macrocosm Ancestral God.

This would threaten the status of Mount Heavenly Path and his father.

However, Herschel could not share this information. Thus, he could only keep it to himself and shoulder the burden alone.

Herschel looked at the Ancestral Sword Master and said smilingly, “You’re too worried. Of course, I won’t personally go after him. I’ll send some powerhouses to hunt him down. Naturally, these powerhouses will be at about the same rank as him. At most, they’ll only be about two ranks higher than him.”

James did not respond and simply stared at Herschel.

Herschel looked at James and said, “Your physical strength is at the Grand Emperor Rank’s Fifth Heaven. Thus, the powerhouses I send after you will be Seventh Heaven Grand Emperors at most. If you can survive the pursuit of the powerhouses I send after your life, I’ll let this matter go. I’ll also allow you to enter Mount Heavenly Path.”

The Ancestral Sword Master frowned.

Why was Herschel so persistent in killing James?

Herschel was a Terra Ancestral God. Was it worth going through so much effort to eliminate a cultivator that had not even stepped into the Quasi Emperor Rank?

Could it be that Mount Heavenly Path had gained insight about something?”

The Ancestral Sword Master fell into thought.

However, he could not figure out the reason.

The hall fell into silence.

Herschel continued to speak, “During these ten thousand years, you’re not allowed to get help from anyone. Whoever lends a helping hand to you will become an enemy of Mount Heavenly Path and will be punished by us.”

“Do you accept the challenge, James?” Herschel shouted.

“Why not?”

James was furious that Herschel had forced him to kneel.

Herschel was incredibly oppressive. If James were to stand behind Thea and rely on her protection, how could he call himself a man?

James stared at Herschel and said resolutely, “Mark my words, Herschel. If I survive these ten thousand years, I’ll come to Mount Heavenly Path for your life when I become an Ancestral God.”

Herschel laughed out loud. “I’m afraid you won’t have the chance. The hunt starts now. You have three days to run. After three days, I’ll send out powerful cultivators to hunt you down.”

“James…” Sienna could not help but grab James’ hand worriedly.

Herschel would send out Seventh Heaven Grand Emperors to chase and kill James. Although James was physically strong, his cultivation rank was very low. It would be tough for him to survive being hunted down for ten thousand years by powerhouses of Mount Heavenly Path.

Thea also looked at James solemnly.

James looked at Sienna and said firmly, “He can’t get rid of me that easily. If I survive, I’ll definitely come to the Callahan Residence to thank you for standing up for me today, Sienna.

“And I’m very grateful to you, Ancestral Sword Master. I’ll pay you back in the future for your kindness today.

“And Thea, wait for me. I promise to return in ten thousand years. I’ll come straight to the Callahan Residence when that time comes.”

After speaking, James cast a glance at Herschel. Then, he turned around and left Mount Sword God without saying anything more.


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