The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3383

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3383-However, both of them were Fifth Heaven Grand Emperors and easily broke through James’ confinement and the seal around the area.

The outcome of a battle between powerhouses could be determined in an instant.

As soon as James’ confined the two opponents, he launched an attack.

He unleashed the First Swordsmanship and killed another opponent.

The remaining one had already begun to flee to the distance, but there was nowhere to run as James had cultivated the Space Path.

James sensed the fluctuations in space and chased after him. He appeared before the last opponent instantly and blocked his path.

The man was terrified by James’ hostility.

He quickly begged for his life, saying, “I made a mistake, James. Please give me a chance.”

James looked at him coldly and said, “You should’ve thought about the consequences before you decided to come for my life.”

Hearing this, the man’s expression darkened.

“You leave me no choice, James!”

The man intended to go all out at James.

He summoned his Path Seal, which was rhombus-shaped. Powerful force emitted from the Path Seal, and cracks began to form on it.

James caught on that the opponent was going to destroy his Path Seal.

As his Path Seal continuously broke, the man’s strength grew stronger.

Suddenly, time around them began to rewind.


The man was shocked.

While distracted, James had already thrust his sword at him.

As time went backward, the man’s Path Seal recovered, and he lost all hopes of fighting back. Before he could react, James had already pierced through his body.

The man’s body was obliterated, and even his soul was destroyed.

The battle was over.

James put away the Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword and panted continuously.

He looked around him and quickly left without any hesitation.

Since these three cultivators were able to find him, his location must have already been exposed. Thus, he had to leave instantly. Given his current physical condition, he would not be able to fight back if another powerhouse were to appear.

After James left, the area returned to calm. However, the aftermath of the battle remained.

Not long after James had fled, a void appeared in the planet’s sky, and a powerhouse emerged from it.

“Did I come too late?

“There are traces of a battle that happened just a while ago. It seems some other powerhouses must’ve found him before me. If there’s no mistake, James has probably already killed them.”

James left the planet using the power of his Space Path. He created a passage and traveled to a distant region in outer space.

James found a desolate planet and sat in a lotus position on the ruin. He activated the Dark Power in his body and suppressed the injuries dealt by the Heavenly Path.

After stabilizing his injuries, he felt slightly relieved.

He reached out and wiped the sweat from his forehead.

“Three Fifth Heaven Grand Emperors were enough to make me struggle. What would I do if I were to face a Seventh Heaven Grand Emperor?”

James had a solemn expression.

He had no idea what kind of reward Herschel promised to the powerhouses of the universe for them to hunt him down. However, he knew that many powerful cultivators would surely come for his life with the order of Mount Heavenly Path’s Young Master.

“How was my location exposed?”

James was puzzled.

He had arrived in an unknown world and practiced for just a short while. Yet, enemies had already come to him.

“Could it be that some powerhouses are divining my location? If that’s the case, I won’t be able to hide from these powerhouses no matter where I go.”

James fell into thought. He began to brainstorm how he would survive these ten thousand years.

He could not keep fleeing forever.

James had to improve his cultivation rank quickly.

Once he became a Grand Emperor, he would not have to be afraid of a Seventh Heaven Grand Emperor as he already had overpowering physical strength.


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