The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3385

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3385-James laughed out loud, “Haha!”

The Heavenly Tribulation arrived at the perfect time.

The power of the Heavenly Tribulation was potent and was used as energy to enhance his strength.

Although flashes of lightning kept striking him, James laughed through it.

While rejoicing, his Sword Path Ousia separated again.

James officially entered the Quasi Emperor Rank’s Second Tribulation. His cultivation rank was improving rapidly. It had not been long since he entered the Quasi Emperor Rank.

After he successfully made it through the Heavenly Tribulation and made a breakthrough, the tribulation clouds began to disperse.

However, James did not want them to disappear. He activated the Space Path’s power to trap the tribulation clouds in the sky, trying to prevent them from dissipating so he could use them as a continuous energy source.

Although the Space Path was miraculous, it could not trap the tribulation clouds.

James’ plan fell through, and the clouds disappeared.

He dispersed the Time Formation around him and stood up from the ground. James activated a Secret Art, and his Ousias emitted various powers. The powers merged with his physical strength. At that moment, James felt stronger than ever before.

“Although I can significantly enhance my strength, I can’t defeat a Sixth Heaven Grand Emperor yet. If all my Ousias step into the Quasi Emperor Rank, I might stand a chance against a Sixth Heaven Grand Emperor after merging them.”

James had obtained the power of an Ancestral God before and had some understanding of a Grand Emperor’s power. Thus, he could assess his own strength.

His Ousia’s power was still relatively weak.

However, once he reached the Quasi Emperor Rank’s Ninth Tribulation, he could fuse all the nine Ousias that multiplied from the original Sword Path into a Path Seal. Then, his strength would grow by leaps and bounds.

Once James evolved all his Ousias into Path Seals, he would have over ten Path Seals. Even if he were to reach the Grand Emperor Rank’s First Heaven, he could unleash explosive strength.

James had a general understanding of these things.

A First Heaven Grand Emperor with two Path Seals would fight a Second Heaven Grand Emperor with only one Path Seal.

James looked forward to the day when his Ousias would successfully break through the Third Consolidation and begin to multiply. Eventually, they would fuse and evolve into Path Seals.

When that time came, it would be the beginning of his journey to invincibility.

What he had to do now was pave the way for that day.

“Time. Right now, I need to comprehend the Time Path.”

James desperately needed more time.

His Sword Path Ousia was already at the Quasi Emperor Rank’s Second Tribulation. Thus, he was a cultivator at the Quasi Emperor Rank’s Second Tribulation. However, his other Ousias were still very weak.

After glancing around, James did not sense any other living beings. After confirming he was alone, he disappeared from the place. In the next moment, he was already in the Celestial Abode.

As soon as he appeared, Nova came to see him.

Nova greeted him respectfully, “Master.”


James nodded lightly and said, “I’ve come to retreat and comprehend the Paths I have known for a while.”

Nova replied, “There is a huge collection of various paths in the library chamber. Emperor Jabari collected these records in the past. Apart from the Five Great Paths and the Curse Path, almost all the paths in the universe can be found in the library chamber.”

“Alright.” James nodded.

Then, he quickly left for the Celestial Abode’s library chamber. James found many ancient books on the eighth floor of the library chamber.

These books contained the knowledge of several Grand Emperors about various Paths and were very beneficial to James.

James found books about the Yin and Yang Path and the Elemental Path. Then, he set up a Time Formation in the library chamber and reviewed the experiences and understanding of these seniors about these Paths.


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