The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3389

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3389-These Grand Emperors could not resist the power and were crushed into nothingness.

The Elemental Wheel’s terrifying force destroyed even their souls, leaving nothing behind.

Those that survived immediately tried to flee.

However, they could not escape James’ pursuit as he had cultivated the Space Path.

The Elemental Wheel immediately disappeared into space and chased after the fleeing Grand Emperors.

The thirty Grand Emperors were obliterated in a short moment.

The Elemental Wheel returned to James and dispersed into Elemental Ousias again. Then, they submerged back into his body.

“They overestimated themselves.” James smiled faintly.

The Elemental Wheel was indeed a terrifying weapon.

Although the Elemental Wheel was formed by his Elemental Ousaias, James still wiped out the Fifth Heaven Grand Emperors easily. If he used the Five Elements of Genesis to form the Elemental Wheel, he could effortlessly eliminate Seventh Heaven Grand Emperors.

However, he would be struck by Karma Power if he rashly used the Five Elements of Genesis.

Therefore, James did not want to summon them unless it was critical.

“It’s time to leave this place.”

After James killed thirty of his opponents, he quickly left the area. He traveled into the depths of the universe again and found another uninhabited planet.

After finding a secluded location, James began to cultivate again.

Three years had passed since James killed the thirty Fifth Heaven Grand Emperors.

The news that he had obliterated thirty opponents alone had spread in the past three years.

Many people gathered in the main hall of the Callahan Residence in the Human Realm.

Thea, Danielle, Lanathia, and Sienna were also present.

At that moment, a disciple of the Callahans was reporting the latest news to them.

“The latest news we’ve got on James is from three years ago. James killed about thirty Fifth Heaven Grand Emperors on an unknown planet and left unscathed. Mount Heavenly Path hasn’t released any information about his whereabouts, so his current location is unknown.”

Hearing the report, Thea nodded lightly.

Surprised, Danielle said, “I really didn’t expect James to be

this strong. He’s only at the Divine Rank, and his physical strength is at the Grand Emperor Rank’s Fifth Heaven.

However, he managed to effortlessly kill thirty Fifth Heaven Grand Emperors and leave without breaking a sweat?”

Lana nodded lightly and said, “He’s really impressive. If he was given a little more time, I’m sure he would become a great powerhouse. However, I’m afraid he might not survive the ten-thousand-year time limit.”

The disciple continued to report, ‘There are also rumors that James used all Five Elemental Ousias in his fight against the thirty Fifth Heaven Grand Emperors. Moreover, he unleashed a terrifying signature skill.”

“Five Elemental Ousias?”

Even Thea was shocked by the information.

She rubbed her chin and said, “It’s rumored James cultivated the Five Great Paths’ Ousias. Now, he even has the Five Elemental Ousias? Could it bethat he has already broken through the limit permitted by the Heavenly Path?”

Lana already knew about these facts but did not say much.

Meanwhile, Sienna listened carefully to the reports and was relieved to hear that James was still safe.

The Callahans were discussing the latest updates about James.

The Ancestral Sword Master of Mount Sword God was also paying close attention to news about James. At that moment, a subordinate was reporting the latest updates of

James to him as well.

After the Ancestral Sword Master learned of the news, he nodded lightly and said, “As expected of someone from the future. Although I don’t know what he’s doing in our age, I’m sure he’ll definitely become a well-known powerhouse in this age very soon.”

The Ancestral Sword Master was not the only one tuning into news about James. Even the Ancestral Talisman Master was paying attention to the updates.

The Ancestral Talisman Master was surprised to learn that James used the Elemental Ousias in his recent fight.

“He’s a freak. He has the Five Great Paths’ Ousias, a Curse Ousia, and the Elemental Ousias. Tsk, tsk. It’s unprecedented for anyone to have cultivated so many Ousias.”

Details about James’ fight spread throughout the universe during the three years.

Knowing that James had cultivated so many Ousias, many Grand Priests and Grand Priestesses of major sects were tempted to take action against James. They all wanted to use the opportunity to make a name for themselves by killing James.


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