The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3391

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3391-The energy was turbulent and violent and was not suitable to be absorbed by all living beings. However, this was nothing to James. As long as it was energy, he could absorb and refine it.

Appearing at the center of this planet, he casually set up a Formation and frantically cultivated by absorbing the planet’s power to increase the power of his Ousia. At the same time, he comprehended the Path. Unknowingly, the Sword Path Ousia showed signs of a breakthrough.

Reaching the pinnacle of power, the Sword Path Ousia was showing signs of division. As the new Ousia divided, the Heavenly Tribulation appeared.

“Nice timing.”

James was overjoyed. He had been waiting for the Heavenly Tribulation for it possessed unlimited energy.

Lifting his head, he glanced at the Tribulation Clouds in the sky. Then, his mind stirred, and the Elemental Ousia soared to the sky and entered the clouds. James wanted to use the Elemental Ousia to absorb the Tribulation Clouds’ power by entrenching them within. However, the Tribulation Clouds were terrifying, and the Elemental Ousia showed signs of disintegration the moment they appeared in the clouds.

“What should I do?”

James furrowed his eyebrows.

There were no Primordial Pulses on these destroyed planets. As such, there was no constant stream of heaven and earth’s power. Once fully depleted, he would have to change places.

This would be troublesome. James wanted to seize this opportunity and increase the Ousias that were already at the Second Consolidation to their pinnacle in preparation for his Third Consolidation.

‘Do I have no choice but to use the Five Elements of Genesis?*

James thought to himself.

The Five Elements of Genesis were treasures that had existed since the creation of heaven and earth and would certainly withstand the Tribulation Clouds’ power. However, he was worried that he would generate Karma and aggravate the injuries in his body.


Lightning tribulations descended from the sky and struck James. Some lightning exploded in his body. They entered his bloodstream and traversed through his blood vessels. James planned to use this opportunity and use the Lightning Tribulation’s power to nourish his physical body. However, his physical strength was already at the Fifth Heaven of the Grand Emperor Rank, so it would be difficult to further increase his strength.

“Karma,” James murmured. “Karma Power is the most terrifying power in this world. Even a Caelum Ancestral God

like Thea feared Karma Power. If I can comprehend Karma Power and cultivate the Ousia of Karma Power, I will be invincible.”

James was interested in Karma. If the others learned of this, they would be shocked and would reprimand James for crossing a red line.

“Let’s see…”

James took a deep breath. Then, he activated the Five Elements of Genesis, which materialized before him.

The Five Elements of Genesis were able to replace the Elemental Ousia. Once James’ Elemental Ousia reached the Quasi Emperor Rank’s Ninth Tribulation, the Ousia would be merged with the Five Elements of Genesis when the Path Seals merged. By then, his Elemental Path Seal would be invincible.

Immediately, James could sense the Five Elements of Genesis trembling. Seemingly being influenced by a mysterious power, the Five Elements were showing signs of disappearing. At the same time, his body shivered. Then, an unknown power descended and enveloped him. Under the destruction of this power, injuries began appearing on his physical body. Veins bulged on his face, and sweat beads trickled down his forehead as he grimaced in pain.

“l-ls this Karma Power? What a mysterious power! How do I absorb and refine it?”

James was enduring incredible pressure and pain. However, his brain was at full capacity.


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