The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3393

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3393-As Caelum Ancestral Gods, they had many tricks up their sleeves. Though no one was present when James fought against the group of Fifth Heaven Grand Emperors, many extremely powerful figures returned to the scene and used Time Reversal to replay the fight. Once the image of the fight was generated, the Five Ancestral Masters could easily replay the image with their strength.


“How terrifying… He possesses the Elemental Ousia…”

“The cultivation method we created isn’t completed yet. The one he used should be different from ours.”

“But what if he came from the future? What if he obtained the Five Elements of Genesis and the cultivation method we have yet to create at this moment in the future?”

“Then everything will make sense. He should possess the Five Elements of Genesis. Our Five Elements of Genesis only reacted strangely after he summoned the ones he brought from the future.”

They hypothesized.

At the same time, James was being tortured by Karma Power. At the same time, while he was enveloped by Karma Power, the Heavenly Path’s injuries inside his body were aggravated. The agonizing pain caused him to grimace, and the expression on his face became distorted.

“Why can’t I?!

“Why can’t I absorb Karma Power?! This shouldn’t be! I should be able to absorb and refine all powers!”

James roared frantically.

He was unable to endure the pain any longer. He could only dissipate the Five Elements of Genesis. Then, immediately, the Karma Power dispersed. However, as the previous Karma Power was too terrifying, it had entered his body and entrenched itself within his limbs. With his current strength, he could not expel it from his body.

He was currently entangled with Karma Power. He did not know that his appearance in this world would cause him to be so deeply intertwined with the events that occurred. His appearance was destined to change the fate of this age. However, as James’ rank was too low, he was unable to comprehend Karma.

James was now contaminated by Karma Power, and he could not fully expel it. Even though he had dispersed the Five Elements of Genesis, he was already contaminated by Karma.

Karma Power frantically destroyed his body. In addition to the Heavenly Path’s injuries, the agonizing pain caused him immense suffering.

His consciousness blurred. Unable to endure it any longer, he passed out. Even so, the Elemental Ousia that was still present continued to absorb the power of heaven and earth with great speed. The Tribulation Clouds in the sky were still there, and the Lightning Tribulation continued to strike him.

The Sword Path Ousia inside his body continued to divide. As he was unconscious, his rank steadily grew unbeknownst to him. Soon, his Sword Path had reached the Quasi Emperor Rank’s Third Tribulation.

After making a breakthrough, the Tribulation Clouds disappeared.

James had yet to regain consciousness. However, the Elemental Inversion Formation was still there, steadily absorbing the power of heaven and earth and increasing his strength.


A crack appeared in the void a distance away. Then, many living beings poured out of the crack. They were in pursuit of James.

Previously, James disappeared without a trace after annihilating thirty Fifth Heaven Grand Emperors. However, Herschel had planted a sigil inside his body.

James did not belong to this age, and as such, his whereabouts could not be extrapolated as it would be prevented by Karma Power. However, through the sigil Herschel had planted, his approximate location could be determined. Though much time was needed, it could still be accomplished.

“I sense an aura coming from that direction.”

The moment they appeared, they immediately headed in James’ direction upon sensing his aura.


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