The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3399

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3399-“Why was I contaminated by Karma?”

James fell into deep thought.

Theoretically, even if two similar objects existed in the same world, such a terrifying Karma Power was beyond his expectations. Karma only existed because of a cause.

James inspected the Karma Power enveloping him, seeking to understand the truth.

Upon inspection, he entered a trance.

Much time seemed to have passed. Yet, it felt as if only a moment had passed. Then, James suddenly understood Karma. The image of him obtaining the Five Elements of Genesis and cultivating the Elemental Holy Body surfaced in his mind.

“I see…”

Realization dawned on his face.

This was Karma.

Karma was produced when he obtained the Five Elements of Genesis and developed a link with the Five Ancestral Masters, who were the previous owners of the Five Elements of Genesis. His Karma was not brought about by the Five Elements of Genesis but by the Five Ancestral Masters. Meanwhile, the Karma brought about by the Five Ancestral Masters had nothing to do with them at the moment. Perhaps it was related to a certain event in the distant future.

Through inspecting the Karma Power inside his body, James understood the truth of everything. Though he did not know the specifics, he roughly knew that his arrival at this age was deeply related to Karma. Even if he did not summon the Five Elements of Genesis, he would be contaminated by Karma as time accumulated.

Then, he was reminded of Melinda’s warning. She warned him against changing the history of this age. Otherwise, there would be unforgivable Karma. Melinda’s experience was his future, and her warnings made perfect sense.

James took a deep breath.

He did not overthink things. Instead, he observed Karma Power, thinking of ways to dissolve and absorb them.

“Karma cannot be dissolved. To dissolve Karma, the world is needed.”

James murmured.

For instance, if he killed the father of an infant, he would be contaminated by the Karma of that infant. In the future, that infant would come looking for him and seek to harm him. To dissolve Karma, he would have to find the infant.

Meanwhile, James had no idea what sort of Karma he was contaminated by. That was why he could not dissolve Karma. Now, only an option remained. He would have to use every trick at his disposal to absorb the Karma and use it. That way, he would not be afraid of any Karma in the future.

He took a deep breath and gradually calmed down. To absorb Karma, he believed he would have to start with Karma Power.

At that moment, he summoned the Five Elements of Genesis once more. Immediately, a bizarre Karma Power appeared. This time, James concentrated wholeheartedly on seeking the source of the Karma Power. However, he realized that the Karma Power appeared out of nowhere and had no signs.

Hence, he used the Time Path to reverse time back to the moment when the Karma Power appeared. Time in this region stopped. Then, he shut his eyes and sensed the origin of the Karma Power. Slowly, he realized that the Karma Power originated from heaven and earth and permeated the air. As its speed was extraordinary, he had the false impression that it had appeared out of nowhere.


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