The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3400

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3400-James discovered the source of the Karma Power, which came from heaven and earth and was omnipresent. However, even though he had gotten to the bottom of it, he was still clueless about absorbing and refining Karma Power and transforming it into his power.

His mind stirred, and the time in this region returned to normal. Then, he stored the Five Elements of Genesis away. He knew that he would not be able to cultivate Karma in a short period of time. He needed a long time to comprehend and gain insight into Karma. He firmly believed that he would comprehend the cultivation method of absorbing Karma one day.

Upon storing away the Five Elements of Genesis, he took a deep breath.

Though he overcame the ordeal, the Heavenly Path’s injuries were still there, and there was still immense Karma Power inside his body. Long ago, he had heard of Karma’s existence from Sophie, who deeply feared Karma. She once said that the providences James obtained would also be his Karma. She also said that he would shoulder a great deal of Karma in the future. This meant that James was fated to be contaminated by Karma, and his arrival in the Primeval Age was its fundamental cause. Even if he did not use anything belonging to this age, he would be contaminated by Karma sooner or later.

“Looks like I won’t be able to expel Karma Power for the time being…”

James murmured.

Now, his entire body was covered in injuries. Though he would not die just yet, it would be impossible to rejuvenate. Now, the only option was to accommodate Karma Power. With time, his body would get used to this. By then, he would no longer be afraid of any Karma that came his way.

He stood up and turned to leave. After all, he had remained here for quite some time after making his escape. Otherwise, once his enemies discovered his whereabouts, he would be forced to engage in another fierce battle.

Now, he was not suitable for combat. He needed to rest. Dragging his wretched body, he left the unknown planet. Then, he kept changing locations. As he traversed through the mountains and rivers of some abandoned worlds, he tried to comprehend the Five Great Paths.

The Five Great Paths were deeply related to heaven and earth and the universe. Not only that, the Five Great Paths were the fundamental principles of all living beings in the universe. Though this world was abandoned, living beings once roamed freely here. Traces of their presence could not be erased even though they had left.

James cultivated the Five Great Paths. In this abandoned world, he sensed the Law of Inscription of the Five Great Paths, which any Grand Emperor could sense. However, sensing and comprehending were two different matters. Regardless, this was different for James. He had cultivated the Five Great Paths, and all of them had accomplished the peak of the First Consolidation. Now, his strength was sufficient, and he only needed to comprehend the Five Great Paths and accomplish a second Consolidation to increase the power of his Five Great Paths Ousia.

Time was omnipresent, linking the past, the present, and the future. As long as time existed, space existed. Time and space constituted the most basic conditions for the survival of any living being. As long as living beings existed, there would be life and death, and the process of life and death was called reincarnation. Meanwhile, reincarnation was only born when time, space, life, and death existed.

James roamed the plains of these abandoned planets and tried to comprehend the Five Great Paths. At the same time, he tried to comprehend the cultivation method he had acquired from the Sacred Blossom. Throughout trying to comprehend them, his understanding of the Five Great Paths increased.


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