The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3402

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3402-Tracking James’ current whereabouts would be troublesome. Regardless, as a Terra Ancestral God, Herschel should be able to track James, considering that he had planted a sigil inside James’ body beforehand.

At that moment, a man walked in. He was about thirty years old, wearing a black robe and carrying a blade on his back. His eyebrows were bushy, his face was round, and he exuded a crude and violent aura.

“Young Master.”

The man knelt on one knee and greeted him respectfully.


Herschel looked at the man and waved slightly.

The man stood up and awaited Herschel’s instructions.

“Honorius Gunner, you’re at the Grand Emperor Rank’s Fifth Heaven. What’s your ranking?” Herschel asked.

Honorius answered truthfully, “As a Fifth Heaven Grand Emperor, I’m number three within my rank. However, this is an evaluation of the public. There are countless geniuses in this universe. Many of them would remain stagnant at a certain rank and become invincible within it. In fact, I know a few who are not weaker than me.”

Honorius was a disciple of Mount Heavenly Path. As a prodigy, his rank was at the Grand Emperor Rank’s Fifth Heaven. However, he had remained stagnant for 3,000 Epochs. Within his rank, however, he was near unrivaled. It was why he was ranked third within his rank.

“Are you confident that you can defeat James Caden, an individual whose physical strength is at the Fifth Heaven Grand Emperor Rank?” Herschel asked.

Honorius immediately replied, “I will certainly annihilate him and return with his decapitated head.”

Herschel cautioned, “James is no pushover. You must have heard of the rumors. He has annihilated even Seventh Heaven Grand Emperors. Not only that, he possesses countless treasures.”

Honorius gave his assurance, “No matter the number of treasures he possesses, his rank is low and his physical strength is mediocre. I can certainly defeat him.”

“Very good.” Herschel nodded and said, “I will divine James’ location as soon as possible. Once I learn where he is, head over there and annihilate him.”


James had no idea that a genius of Mount Heavenly Path was out of him. Though Honorius was not the most distinguished prodigy of Mount Heavenly Path, he was still almost invincible in the Fifth Heaven Grand Emperor Rank. In his rank, no one was able to defeat him.

Herschel had promised the Ancestral Sword Master that he would only send people at most two ranks higher than James after him. However, he believed that Honorius was sufficient to kill James. If even Honorius failed in his task, he would have to send even more powerful figures after James.

At that moment, James concentrated wholeheartedly on refining his physical body. Though terrifying, Karma Power was the perfect power to refine one’s physical body. As such, James’ physical strength slowly and gradually grew.

In the blink of an eye, 50 years passed. Meanwhile, 10,000 years had passed in the Time Formation. With time, his physical strength was now at the Sixth Heaven Grand Emperor Rank.

A fissure appeared in the void a distance away. Then, a huge number of people poured out of the fissure. They were pursuing James.

Mount Heavenly Path had spread the information of James’ whereabouts. Upon learning of the exact coordinates, powerful figures from all over the universe rushed here. Many of them were heirs of powerful sects who possessed indescribable treasures.

The moment they appeared, some used the incredible treasures of their sect and forcibly sealed off this world. That way, even if James mastered the Space Path, he would not be able to make his escape.

“Over there!”

Immediately, they sensed James’ presence.

Meanwhile, sensing the presence of the hostile forces, James immediately stopped cultivating and dispersed the Time Formation.


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