The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3407

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3407-“What cultivation method is that? His aura and power are increasing at an unbelievable rate!”

“I knew it. He’s no pushover.”

“How terrifying… As expected of a once-in-a-lifetime genius. His potential might even exceed that of Thea. He will surely be a Caelum Ancestral God in the future.

In the distance, many were dumbfounded.

Meanwhile, Honorius simply looked at James with a composed look. He knew that James had used secret art. Through the power and aura, he could roughly estimate that James’ strength was now equivalent to an Eighth Heaven Grand Emperor. Compared to a moment ago, his strength had increased by an entire sub-rank. This was simply unimaginable.

“Are you done?”

Honorius’ voice boomed.

As he believed himself to possess overwhelming strength, he did not strike James immediately but instead allowed him to gather his strength.

James’ expression was grim.

Though he had used every trick at his disposal, he was still significantly weaker than Honorius.

At that moment, a bone in his body began to glimmer.

It was the dragon bone. In the Apocalypse Age, before the seal on Earth was undone, James acquired it by chance. It was a bone left behind by a Grand Patriarch of the Dragon Race that contained the power of the Ancestral Dragon and the Dragon Race’s signature cultivation methods.

It had been a while since James last used this bone. At that moment, he catalyzed the dragon bone’s power.


At that moment, the roar of an angry dragon could be heard. Meanwhile, an immensely powerful force exploded from within James’ body. The shapeless energy soared to the sky like a mighty dragon and reached the atmosphere. Back then, James did not obtain much power by activating the dragon bone. Now, however, his rank was much higher than before. Upon catalyzing the dragon bone’s power, he acquired an unbelievable strength. The power exuded from the dragon bone spread throughout his body, and his aura soared.


James roared in laughter. Sensing the power inside his body, he was now unafraid of anything. Holding the Divine Sword in his hand, he laughed manically, “Honorius Gunner, invincible in the Fifth Heaven Grand Emperor Rank? Witness how a Quasi Emperor at the Third Tribulation like me obliterates you!”

James’ voice boomed.

At the same time…

On an island in an unknown place in the universe, an elderly man who was deep in slumber suddenly woke up. Gazing into the distance, he murmured while wearing a grim expression on his face, “The Grand Patriarch’s power? How can this be? Before the Grand Patriarch disappeared, he infused all his power into a dragon bone. Now that the dragon bone is still with me, how did his power appear out of nowhere?”

James had no idea that the dragon bone he obtained belonged to the Ancestral Dragon, who was a powerful figure of the Primeval Age and not the Primordial Age. Even so, he was still a powerful figure long ago in the Primeval Age.

At that moment, James’ aura soared. With the support of various secret arts, his strength had reached the peak of the Grand Emperor Ninth Heaven’s rank. He was now only a step away from reaching the Quasi Ancestral God Rank.

“How powerful…”

“Luckily I didn’t act impulsively. Otherwise, I’d have been dead.”

“He has too many tricks up his sleeves. Who exactly is he?”

Upon seeing James’ unbelievable aura, a chill ran down their spines.

Meanwhile, Honorius’s composed expression had been replaced by a grim one.


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