The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3410

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3410-James’ physical body was reshaped by the Dark Lotus. Meanwhile, he had cultivated a malevolent Natal Lotus that could devour all sorts of power and transform them into energy. Under normal circumstances, he would not summon the dark lotus easily. However, he could not care less now.

Hovering in mid-air, threads of dark aura materialized from within the dark lotus and trapped Honorius like entangling roots.

Honorius was trapped. At that moment, his vitality and energy were being sapped away at a rapid pace.

“Break!” he roared.

Summoning all his strength, he forcibly broke free and appeared a distance away. Panting for breath, he looked at James while wearing a grim expression. He never thought James would be this troublesome. He knew he had underestimated his enemy. Otherwise, he would not have given James time to gather strength.

Now, he was gravely injured.

In the distance, James stood in mid-air as 108 Infinity Steles rotated around him in a circular motion, carrying immense power. Meanwhile, the Elemental Wheel formed by the Five Elements of Genesis hovered above his head. As the Five Elements merged and underwent inversion, a terrifying power burst forth. The appearance of the Five Elements brought about powerful Karma Power, which enveloped James and continued to destroy his physical body. Originally, his body had gotten used to Karma Power. However, the Karma Power was now much greater in intensity, so he was severely injured once more. He knew he would be completely annihilated by Karma if this continued.

“Break!” James roared.

He catalyzed the Space Path, and powerful Space Power materialized and completely sealed the area and Honorius off. His comprehension of the Space Path was low and only at the Second Consolidation. However, his current rank was terrifying—equivalent to a Grand Emperor at the Ninth Heaven. With the support of his own power, his Space Power grew increasingly stronger.

Even Honorius could not break free from the space. The moment the space was sealed, the Elemental Wheel came crashing toward him, greatly damaging him in the process. Even though his physical strength was terrifying, considering that he had remained in the Fifth Heaven Grand Emperor Rank for countless years, he could do nothing to stop the Elemental Wheel’s attack.

Then, the dark lotus appeared once more. Hovering above Honorius’ head, threads of black aura materialized and enveloped him, frantically absorbing all his energy.

Under the crowd’s watchful gaze, Honorius’ body dissipated at a rapid pace. After his power was absorbed by the dark lotus, the dark lotus turned increasingly weird. Meanwhile, the lotus’ power was transferred to James, which came in the form of physical strength and Ousia Power.

James’ aura turned malevolent. At that moment, he was like the devil, whose aura sent chills down everyone’s spines.

“Argh!” Honorius roared in frustration.

He struggled with all his might. However, he could not break free. Under the crowd’s watchful gaze, he was completely reduced to nothingness.

Seeing this, everyone took a deep breath and staggered backward.


After dealing with Honorius, James’ gaze was fixed on the living beings in the distance.

As he roared, the word ‘die’ was like a curse.


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