The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3411

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3411-Like a natural principle, mysterious power materialized from the word. Some weaker living beings were immediately turned to ashes. Meanwhile, the stronger ones barely managed to resist the word’s power.

This was the Death Path. The moment the Principles of Death appeared, none could escape. However, as James’ comprehension of the Death Path was low, he could not annihilate them all. If his comprehension of the Death Path had reached the pinnacle, he could catalyze Death Power by conjuring a thought. Even a huge world would be completely annihilated.

At that moment, many were fearful and tried to escape. However, James was not going to let them get away that easily. The dark lotus flew toward them as threads of black aura materialized, enveloping them and frantically absorbing their power. In just a short period of time, James’ Ousia Power had already reached a bottleneck. Meanwhile, his physical strength soared to the Seventh Heaven Grand Emperor Rank from the Sixth Heaven.

A single word and a dark lotus caused the annihilation of countless living beings. Now, not many of James’ enemies remained.

James’s injuries were too grave, so he did not continue the battle. Storing the Infinity Steles, the Five Elements of Genesis, and the dark lotus away, he gazed at the remaining living beings.

“Tell Herschel that he can send all his men to die if he wishes.”

Then, James disappeared from view.

Though he had left, the survivors all continued shivering in fear.

“How terrifying…”

“He really is the devil.”

“What lotus is that? Even Honorius’ vitality was completely sapped away.”


“We shouldn’t pursue James anymore. We might die if we continue.”

Many hurriedly left.

In the distance, Melinda and Winnie stood in mid-air. Watching the place where James disappeared, Melinda was wearing a grim contemplation as she contemplated. Winnie beside her breathed a sigh of relief. She was worried about her father perishing here. Fortunately, her father’s strength was unparalleled. Even someone as powerful as Honorius perished in his hands.

“What is that Black otus?” Melinda murmured.

Winnie shook her head slightly and said, “I don’t know either.”

“Whatever, let’s return.” Melinda said, “Let’s return to Mount Heavenly Path for now and read through the ancient texts. There should be records there.”

The two turned to leave.

Meanwhile, two people remained in the distance. They were Thea and Sienna.

Patting her chest, Sienna said, “Whew, that was close! He almost lost his life there. Fortunately, he has many tricks up his sleeves. Not only did he defeat Honorius, but he even annihilated so many more. After this battle, fewer people would want to pursue him further.”

Wearing a grim expression, Thea said, “His physical strength has grown. I can sense that it’s at the Grand Emperor Rank’s Seventh Heaven. Herschel promised that he would send men who are at most two ranks higher than James after him. Now, he has no idea that James’ physical strength had grown. When he realizes that fact, the pursuers will be Ninth Heaven Grand Emperors. This does not bode well for James.”

Sienna said smilingly, “Herschel’s at Mount Heavenly Path at the moment. How would he know? Unless he comes here personally, there is no way he can sense James’ physical strength. Anyway, I have full confidence that James can survive for ten thousand years.”

Thea nodded slightly.

James had too many tricks up his sleeves.

“How can that Dark Lotus be so strange?”

Upon remembering the Dark Lotus James summoned, Thea fell into deep thought.


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