The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3412

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3412-James experienced a fierce battle once more. This time, he defeated Honorius Gunner, who was ranked third in the Fifth Heaven Grand Emperor Rank and even annihilated many more. After the battle, he made his escape. Using the Space Path, he traversed through space and escaped from the area.

As the universe was huge, he had no idea where he had escaped to. He arrived at a weird planet full of flames. The air was fire, and the earth was lava. The flames’ temperature was insanely high. However, James’ physical body was unaffected. Arriving at a weirdly-shaped rock, he sat in a lotus position. At that moment, he catalyzed the Life Path. Immediately, an immense vitality swept through his body, and his condition improved slightly. However, due to the damage caused by the Heavenly Path’s injuries and Karma, he could not rejuvenate his injuries even though he controlled the Life Path.

As he sat in a lotus position on the rock, his body shivered. Even his soul trembled as the excruciating pain throughout his body caused his expression to contort in agony.

In this world that was full of flames, two stunningly beautiful women appeared. They were Thea and Sienna who hurriedly made their way here. As a Caelum Ancestral God in the top ten of this universe, Thea could sense the spatial fluctuations when James escaped using the Space Path. Standing in the distance, they watched James writhing in pain.

Sienna grabbed Thea’s hand and pleaded, “Please save him, Thea!”

Sienna knew that James was in terrible shape. If they did not intervene, he would not last for long.

Thea, however, did not intervene. She said, “I think he can survive this ordeal even if I stay by the sidelines. Everyone has their own cultivation path and tribulation to overcome, and this is James’ cultivation path and tribulation.”

“But he’s feeling horrible. With the Heavenly Path’s injuries and the increase in Karma Power inside his body, I’m worried he won’t be able to survive.”

Sienna was filled with consternation.

“The Heavenly Path’s injuries?” Thea murmured to herself, “Did he receive the Heavenly Path’s injuries when he traversed the River of Time? Is Mount Heavenly Path truly innocent?”

Thea was puzzled.

However, since Sienna’s attention was on James, she did not pay any heed to these matters. James sat in a lotus position on the ground and kept catalyzing Dark Power to suppress the Heavenly Path’s injuries inside his body. Just as he was about to fail, an immense Dark Power came from the outside world. Through the suppression of this Dark Power, the Heavenly Path’s injuries inside his body subsided. Now that only Karma remained, he could endure the pain.

He opened his eyes slightly and saw the woman before him, asking, “Why are you here, Sienna?”

Sienna said, “I saw you using Dark Power to suppress the Heavenly Path’s injuries. So, I cultivated Dark Power as well. Besides, I have already formed a Path Seal. I’m here to help.”

At that moment, James noticed Thea from the corner of his eye. He hurriedly stood up and said, “Thea.”

Thea looked at him and nodded slightly.

Seeing this, Sienna froze as she thought to herself, ‘Why does he have passion in his eyes when he sees Thea?’


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