The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3420

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3420-Melinda was eager to know the real reason Herschel was pursuing James. James’ cultivation base was insignificant, and there was no bad blood between him and Mount Heavenly Path. So why was Herschel going to such lengths to annihilate James?

Faced with this question, Herschel did not offer a direct answer.

“This is none of your concern. If there’s nothing else you need, please return.”

After he answered, he shut his eyes and refused to say another word.

Seeing that Herschel was reluctant to speak, Melinda did not inquire further.

After she left, Herschel’s expression turned grim. He had never thought much about James. However, he was fearful of his backers—the Callahans and the Ancestral Sword Master. During the previous battle, Thea personally intervened to save James. This was evident in James’ intimate relationship with the Callahans. Meanwhile, the Ancestral Sword Master had openly announced James to be his disciple. Not only that, there were rumors that James was related to the Five Ancestral Masters of Heaven and Earth, considering that he possessed the Five Elements of Genesis. The Five Ancestral Masters were ancient figures who had existed long before Mount Heavenly Path was formed. Their history could be traced back to the era of the Lord of Nothingness. Besides, he originally thought Honorius would be able to annihilate James easily. However, even Honorius was defeated. When the image of the battle returned, even he was stunned. That was because James completely overwhelmed Honorius, who did not even stand a chance.

After doing some research, he learned that the dark lotus James used was no ordinary flower. This was the Natal Primordial Spirit of the living being that was created by the Lord of Nothingness’ malevolence.

“Who exactly is he?”

Herschel furrowed his eyebrows.

“Were you looking for me, Young Master?”

At that moment, a man appeared in the main hall. He was about twenty years of age. Wearing a white robe, he was somewhat handsome and elegant. Though he spoke respectfully to Herschel, his expression was calm and composed.

“You’re here, Radomir.”

Herschel looked at the man before him and said, “As the controller of the Heavenly Path, you must be familiar with the operating rules. Try and find out more about James Caden.”


Radomir nodded slightly and said, “I will be back with answers in three days.”

Then, he turned to leave and returned to his accommodation.

He was an Inner Disciple and the last male disciple of Hadad Theophanes. The last female disciple was Winnie. Possessing immense potential, he could overwhelm anyone in Mount Heavenly Path. Now, he was at the peak of the Caelum Ancestral God Rank and was only a step away from becoming a Macrocosm Ancestral God. As the controller of the Heavenly Path, he was in charge of the operating rules. This meant that he would know the events that would soon occur in advance. That was because the Heavenly Path controlled all things in the universe. As such, the Heavenly Path would provide a warning before anything significant occurs.

Upon returning to his room, Radomir began divining everything he knew about James. However, no matter how hard he tried, he could not divine anything.

“Does he not belong to this space and time?”

Furrowing his eyebrows, Radomir said, “No way… Since he’s in this space, the Heavenly Path should know about his existence. But why can’t I find anything about him in the operating rules? Could it be that there’s a terrifying existence in this universe that can silently erase everything about James from the shadows?”


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