The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3422

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3422-Just as Herschel planned to send the Sixth and Seventh Heaven Grand Emperors after James, James had already arrived at the Realm of Nothingness. Upon his arrival, he could sense an immense power that surpassed everything the abandoned worlds could offer.

As James sensed the pure energy in this world, he took a deep breath.

The things he needed to do were simple. All he needed to do was to absorb as much energy of heaven and earth as possible to increase his cultivation base before the next wave of pursuers arrived. Based on his calculations, all his Ousias should be able to reach the Quasi Emperor Rank before the next wave of pursuers arrived. Meanwhile, his Sword Path Ousia would be able to reach the Grand Emperor Rank.

When he arrived at the peak of a mountain, he scanned his surroundings. Though there was an abundance of heaven and earth energy here, there were no Primordial Pulses, something he was looking for. Besides, a single Primordial Pulse was insufficient for him. He needed a cultivation sanctuary with many Primordial These places were occupied by powerful sects and families, making it extremely difficult to find them in the wild.

He contemplated and wondered if he should use this opportunity and join a sect and borrow their cultivation sanctuary to increase his strength. However, James was worried that since his appearance had gotten out, Mount Heavenly Path would immediately know about his location the moment he appeared.

After some thought, he crossed the idea off his list. Now, he could only search around outside. But since he was unfamiliar with the Realm of Nothingness, he needed to ask around to find places with Spiritual Mountains and holy sites.

As his mind stirred, a mask appeared. After putting the mask on, he left the mountains and arrived at a bustling city. After being a fugitive and cultivating inside the Time Formation for so long, he was stunned and dumbfounded upon arriving at a bustling city. He sighed, lamenting that he had been separated from civilization for too long.

He roamed the streets of the city, seeking to find out more about some dangerous places in the Realm of Nothingness. Under normal circumstances, these places would have an abundance of energy. That was because as seldom living beings venture into these places, energy was able to accumulate without being absorbed.

After asking around, James discovered a place—the Palace of Nothingness, one of the most treacherous places in the realm. The Palace of Nothingness was located in the central region of the realm, where there was a mountain called Mount Nothingness. Countless years ago, this was once the place of residence of the Lord of Nothingness, the previous Macrocosm Ancestral God. Bearing similarities with Mount Heavenly Path, Mount Nothingness was once the core of this universe and the home of all orthodox sects in the world.

James did not know much about the time when the Lord of Nothingness ruled over the universe, nor did he know much about the Lord of Nothingness himself. Now that he knew about this, he began asking around.

There were many legends and mythical stories of the Lord of Nothingness in the Realm of Nothingness. When the Lord of Nothingness ruled over the universe, the universe was a bustling place. However, he simply vanished without a trace one day. There were many legends surrounding his disappearance. Some say that an accident occurred when he was in the midst of cultivation. A brand-new living being was born out of the malevolence in his heart and devoured him, and they both perish together. Some say that the Dark World attacked the Illuminated World. As the ruler of the universe, he was annihilated by a group of powerful figures of the Dark World. As there were too many legends and myths surrounding the Lord of Nothingness, James did not have time to hear all of them.

He only had a rough understanding of the situation. Now, he was only interested in knowing more about Mount Nothingness.


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