The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3428

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3428-James took a look at the swampy area ahead of him. Without further hesitation, he marched forward. When his foot stepped into the swamp, he sensed a mystical power emanating from within. This power was very uncanny as it forcefully pulled his leg into the swamp. His leg sunk slowly into the marsh, yet James did not resist at all. He let his body slowly submerge into the bog.

When the group saw this, they followed suit. They entered the swampy area and allowed their body to sink into it, disappearing from sight very quickly.

Gas bubbles were still being released from the swamp when James sunk deeper and deeper into it. He felt his body descend continuously. His head spun as he descended, but the feeling quickly disappeared.

Very soon, he found himself in an eldritch place. He was standing in front of the gates of a black underground palace. The gates were tightly closed and a metallic, rustic feeling emanated from it. There were many corpses and skeletons of humans and other living beings lying in front of the gates. The place was so spooky that it made people’s blood run cold at the sight of it.

The three appeared at the gates as well. It was their first time here, because every time they found themselves in the swamp, they looked for ways to avoid it instead of letting themselves sink into it. novelebook.comThis was because they knew from early on about the monster. Even if an Ancestral God was trapped in the mud, it would be impossible for them to escape as well.

Seeing the sight of white bones, they were stupefied. Hadrian looked at the pile on the floor and said, “I wasn’t expecting this at all. These living beings must have come to the Palace looking for boons, yet they were trapped here to their deaths.”

James looked at his surroundings. There was not anything of note apart from this palace of which its gates are tightly closed.

At this moment, some tiny holes appeared on the gates, letting out black gas. This gas was like invisible blades. James sensed its fatal power and was careful to not let his guard down. He immediately deployed the Time and Space Path. The black gas erupted and reappeared at a distance, leaving James untouched.

The group looked at James with a startled expression. This was the second time they saw James with his moves. They exchanged glances. The shock on each other’s faces was unconcealable.

James gave the gates a long, hard look. He was trying to find out what was happening. Herbert walked towards James, unable to hold back his question any longer, “James, have you mastered the Space Path?”

James turned around and took a quick glance at him. Seeing his curiosity, he nodded and said, “I’ve only begun to understand it. I’m still a long way from mastering it.”

Herbert gave him a thumbs-up. He knew that the Space Path was one of the Five Great Paths, a mystical Path indeed.novelebook.comSince the beginning of history, those who were able to cultivate it were rare, and those who could cultivate the Five Great Paths Ousias or even merge it into Path Seals were geniuses.

The three of them were Quasi Ancestral Gods but had no understanding of the Space Path.

Looking at the black gates, James asked, “What place is this?”

Hadrian and Herbert shook their heads and directed their glance at Mia. Out of the three, Mia was the one who understood Mount Nothingness the most, especially when the generations before her frequented the place.


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