The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3432

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3432-James had also advanced approximately 100 meters.

During this time, he realized that the shadows were not actually living beings. Instead, they were illusions created by the laws.

The deeper he advanced, the scarier the laws were. To pass through, one needed to comprehend the laws. Only by comprehending them could one pass through.

However, the laws were too profound. With James’ current cultivation rank, he could not comprehend them in such a short time.

“Is it an illusion?” Herbert asked.

His question shocked everyone present.

Hadrian suddenly realized something as he said, “That’s right. In the deep part of the palace, there’s a phantom beast that can create limitless illusions. So, whatever we saw and experienced may be illusions. If we break the illusions, we can leave.”

Mia nodded and responded, “It’s possible.”

Herbert then spoke up. “Since it’s an illusion, all attacks are useless. Let me give it a try.”

Once again, he entered the passage. This time, he ignored the shadows’ attacks and let them attack him. Nonetheless, his entire body was covered in injuries almost immediately.

“Everything is an illusion.”

He did not care about his injuries and continued moving forward.

Not long after, he could no longer bear the attacks. As his injuries were too severe, he was forced to leave.

Appearing outside the passage, he gritted his teeth and said, in pain, “This isn’t an illusion. It’s real. I can’t withstand it for long.”

Mia said, “Perhaps this is why this place is scary. Being in an illusion, it’s impossible to know that one is one as the illusion world is the same as the real world.”

“I’ll try again.”

James decided to give the passage one more try. Since the passage was an illusion, it tested his mentality.

If Herbert could not pass through the passage, it showed that he did not have a strong mentality. His Cultivation Heart was not strong.

Taking in a deep breath, James walked forward. Once he entered the passage, numerous shadows appeared and attacked him continuously.

Blade injuries, sword injuries…

In a flash, many wounds appeared on his body. He could sense the pain of each attack. It felt too real. It did not feel like an illusion at all.

Nevertheless, he still wanted to try going through the passage.

Ignoring the scars on his body and the shadows’ attack, he continued walking forward.

The shadows’ attacks grew denser, and more scars were added to his body. Both his physical body and soul had suffered injuries. Soon, his mind became blurry.

‘It’s an illusion. It’s definitely an illusion.’

James only had one thought in his mind: to ignore everything in the outside world.

No matter how severe his injuries were, it was all fake.

Gradually, he could feel that he could not advance further.

At that moment, he had doubts.

Was this really an illusion?

He doubted this. Very quickly, he dismissed the doubt.

Withstanding the countless shadows’ attacks, he advanced slowly.

Outside the passage, the three watched James move forward slowly as he was attacked by many They saw his body covered in injuries and blood.

Mia could not help but shout, “If you can’t bear it, give up. If you continue, you’ll die.”

However, James had forgotten everything. The outside world was none of his business.

As he closed his eyes, the shadows disappeared from his eyes and mind. There was only a bright path in his mind.

He walked forward on this bright path.

The sense of pain gradually decreased, and his blurry mind became clear. He opened his eyes, and the sight before him disappeared.


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