The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3436

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3436-When James understood the situation, he began to clear his mind so that the phantom beast hiding in the dark would not have the chance to create illusions.

As he continued walking in the palace, he no longer entered any illusions. Soon, he found the place where the phantom beast was at.

It was a large hall. In the hall, an enchanting girl was sitting.

Clap, clap, clap.

The girl stood up and clapped her hands.

The tails on her back had disappeared. She looked no different than a human at this time. Even James could not tell what her bestial form was.

“Amazing. You truly are amazing.”

While clapping her hands, she walked toward James and scanned him. With a smile, she said, “For many years, you’re the quickest living being to find me. How remarkable.”

James stared at her. He knew that all of the illusions that happened earlier were created by her.

“Who are you? Why are you staying here?” James asked.

He was uncertain if this phantom beast was placed here by the Holy Master of Nothingness.

Glancing at Mia who was next to James, the girl smiled. “I’m sure you guys know a little bit as to why I’m here.”

“Did the Holy Master of Nothingness arrange for you to be here?” James questioned.

At the mention of the Holy Master of Nothingness, the smile on the girl’s face disappeared as seriousness replaced it.

Upon seeing her change in expression, James knew he was right. He knew the information Mia’s brother sent was true.

Every difficulty in Mount Nothingness was left behind by the Holy Master of Nothingness. Thus, James was interested in him.

“The Holy Master of Nothingness is a Macrocosm Ancestral God. In this universe, who can kill him? Is he actually dead? If he really is dead, why would you stay here for so many years willingly?” James asked the questions he had been thinking about.

However, the girl did not answer his questions.

Smiling, she looked at James and said, “You are quite interesting and have great potential. Perhaps you can complete the trials left behind by the Holy Master of Nothingness and enter the Palace of Nothingness successfully. When you enter the Palace of Nothingness, you will understand everything. If you fail to enter the Palace of Nothingness, you aren’t worthy of knowing all this.”

Hearing that, James frowned.

According to his plan, after going through this checkpoint, he would find a quiet place for cultivation. He wanted to get stronger.

With his current Cultivation Base, he could not get to the deepest point and enter the Palace of Nothingness.

Mia’s brother, Mago Londyn, was a genius, and he was in the Terra Ancestral God Rank. If such a powerhouse failed to reach the Palace of Nothingness, how could James reach it?

The girl seemed to have seen through James’ thought. She smiled and said, “One’s strength has nothing to do with reaching the Palace of Nothingness.”

Hearing that, James asked, “How do we reach it, then?”

The girl answered with a smile, “If you want to reach the Palace of Nothingness, you need to fulfill two conditions.”

“What are they?” James questioned.

The girl responded, “Firstly, it’s Karma. Reaching the Palace of Nothingness depends on whether or not you have Karma involved with the Palace of If there is, you have fulfilled the condition to enter the Palace of Nothingness.”

“Karma?” James mumbled.

He had the Dark Lotus, and his body was a Demonic Body.

The aura of the Dark Lotus was the same as this place, and his body’s power had the same origin as the Demonic Energy here. Thus, he should have Karma.

“What else?” James asked.


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