The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3437

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3437-The girl said, “The other condition is about one’s mentality. If one has an invincible Cultivation Heart, one can enter the Palace of Nothingness. Otherwise, even if a Caelum Ancestral God personally came, he wouldn’t be able to enter it.”

As she spoke, she looked at James and continued, “You have passed this checkpoint. Go in.”

“Here’s a reminder. During your journey to the Palace of Nothingness, there’ll be many forked roads, and each road of your choice will bring you to different challenges.

“If you’re lucky and chose the shortest path, you’ll only need to complete three challenges to reach the Palace of Nothingness.

“If you’re unlucky, you’ll face tough challenges continuously.”

Then, she waved her hands and a surge of power emerged. The power supported James and the others.

At once, James and the others disappeared from the black palace.

Soon, they found themselves in a mountain range.

The mountain range was endless with black mist everywhere. None of them could use their sight or Divine Sense to know the situation of the areas far away from them.

“We’re finally out.” Hadrian took in a deep breath.

Herbert was still terrified as he said, “It was too risky just now. If we weren’t with Master, we would definitely not be able to leave.”

On the other hand, Mia gazed at James and asked, “Master, what are you going to do now?”

James fell into deep thought.

After a while, he said, “I won’t go to the Palace of Nothingness for now. I’ll look for a place nearby for cultivation.”

“You aren’t going?” Instantly, Herbert felt anxious, saying, “Master, with your capability, you can reach the Palace of Nothingness.”

Mia followed and said, “He’s right. The Palace of Nothingness has the reason behind the Holy Master of Nothingness’ disappearance numerous years ago. Perhaps it involves a secret. Don’t you want to find out?”

James shook his head and responded, “I don’t want to know.”

Although he was slightly interested in the matters, Thea was most important to him. The reason he came to this era was to find Thea.

Besides, Mount Heavenly Path still wanted to kill him. Thus, James needed to improve his capabilities quickly.

They were in Mount Nothingness, and James believed that once his location was exposed, the Outsiders would come to Mount Nothingness and find him.

Those who wanted to kill him were all invincible existence in their realms. Their Cultivation Hearts were also invincible. If James managed to pass the illusion checkpoint, the people after him could too.

Thus, he did not want to waste his time going through checkpoints. For now, his top priority was finding a place for closed-door meditation and trying to improve his abilities in a short time.

Since James had made up his mind, the three could not change his decision. Nevertheless, they did not leave. Instead, they continued to follow James.

James found a mountain and cast a time formation on top of it. Then, he began his closed-door meditation in the time formation.

He was not worried about exposing his secret.

Summoning the Five Elements of Genesis, James formed them into Elemental Inversion At the same time, he used the Black Lotus which took root in the void and absorbed the Demonic Energy in this area.

From afar, the three stared at this scene in shock.

“The Five Elements of Genesis?”

“How could it be? Why would he have the Five Ancestral Masters’ Five Elements of Genesis? Besides, the Five Elements of Genesis counteract each other. One can’t have all Five Elements of Genesis at the same time.”

“What’s his background?”

The three were stunned.

Meanwhile, Mia stared at the Black Lotus in the void and sensed the Black Lotus absorbing Demonic Energy. She could not help but become serious. She muttered to herself, “Could it really be the Demonic Lotus?”


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