The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3438

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3438-Currently, James had already comprehended each Ousia thrice.

All he needed to do was simple, and that was to continuously absorb the energy of heaven and earth to increase his cultivation rank.

During the process, James could not have any interference. Once the energy of heaven and earth was sufficient, he could have a breakthrough.

He could reach the Grand Emperor Rank. Only after entering the Grand Emperor Rank did he need to begin comprehending the Path.

When he reached the Grand Emperor Rank, increasing his rank no longer had anything to do with time. It only depended on his comprehension ability.

In the time formation, James focused on his cultivation, while the three outside the time formation were shocked by what James summoned.

The two brothers of the Stuarts were taken aback by the Five Elements of Genesis.

On the other hand, Mia fell into deep thought looking at the Black Lotus.

The three waited outside for 50 years.

Throughout those 50 years, James had been cultivating constantly. The three could sense James’ aura becoming Now, they knew that the cultivation rank they sensed when they first met him was real.

At this time, in Mount Heavenly Path, Herschel had been finding out James’ whereabouts for the past several years.

James was one of a kind. Even if Herschel left a sigil in James’ body, it was quite difficult for him to find out James’ exact location.

After a long time, he finally found James’ location.

“In Mount Nothingness of the Divine Realm of Nothingness.”

When Herschel discovered where James was, he was taken aback as he muttered, “He’s good at hiding. I can’t believe he’s hiding in Mount Nothingness of the Divine Realm of Nothingness. Did you think I wouldn’t go after you if you hid in Mount Nothingness? Dream on.”

Immediately, he sent out an order.

“James is in Mount Nothingness at the Divine Realm of Nothingness. Head there now and kill him.”

He sent out the order and instructed the invincible existences of the Grand Emperor Rank’s Sixth and Seventh Heaven in Mount Heavenly Path to go after James. At the same time, news also spread from Mount Heavenly Path.

“James is in Mount Nothingness at the Divine Realm of Nothingness.”

“Mount Heavenly Path has said they will double the previous reward for whoever kills James.”

The news spread quickly, and soon, the entire universe knew about it.

Meanwhile, in Callahan Residence, Thea was also concerned about James’ news.

She stayed in a detached courtyard. The environment of the courtyard was elegant and rich in Spiritual Energy.

As she sat on a swing there, her body swayed along with it. She looked into the distance while deep in thought. It was unknown as to what she was thinking about.

Then, a girl walked over to Thea. It was Sienna.


The voice snapped Thea out of her thoughts.

Thea came back to her senses and glanced at Sienna walking over. Nodding her head, she asked, “Was there any news?”

Sienna walked over and sat to the side, saying, “Mount Heavenly Path announced that James has headed to the Divine Realm of Nothingness and entered Mount Nothingness.”

Upon hearing the news, Thea stood up.

“What? Mount Nothingness?”

She was shocked.


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