The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2840-2841-2842-2843 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2840-2841-2842-2843)


Lord Elms (Wilfred)’s lifelong pursuit is to let the Elms family flourish in his own hands.

For this, he can give everything, even his own life.

That’s why he was able to endure the blood and blood of his granddaughter Xion in front of two billion,

 because in his opinion, the granddaughter is important, but it is indeed less important than the future of the whole Elms family.

However, when he saw Kairi Elms – Xion’s Mom of Ren Mai Dacheng,

 he immediately realized that this kind of opportunity is far more important and rarer than money.

 With 2 billion RMB in hand, he can only guarantee dozens of Elms Children can get some help in cultivation,

 but the help that ordinary medicinal materials can provide is not that big, even if two billion are spent on one person,

 it is impossible to let him succeed in his pulse.

Therefore, he can tell which is lighter and heavier.

So, he suppressed the shock in his heart and asked Kairi Elms – Xion’s Mom again to prove: “Kairi , the reason why your Ren Vessel is able to achieve

 great success and your Governor Vessel’s rise from 20% to 40% is really because you have taken this kind of pill?! “

“Yes.” Kairi Elms – Xion’s Mom nodded and said seriously: “Dad, I said nothing, you will know if you take one!”

Lord Elms (Wilfred) put one of the pill to his mouth, hesitated for a moment, put it down again, and sighed with a smile:

“I am already 80 to three. If this magic pill is so magical, it would be a waste of me to take it. I think it’s better to call your eldest brother over and let him have a try!”

Kairi Elms – Xion’s Mom hurriedly said: “Dad, you are the head of tElms family.

In the future, whether our Elms family will cooperate with Charlie will also need you to decide on your own.

So you should take one first and see the effect, and you are our Elms family. The one with the strongest strength and the highest cultivation base,

after subscribing to this god pill, the cultivation base can definitely go further, maybe even the fourth meridian can be opened up.

 In that case, our Elms family’s strength will definitely be able to go one step further!”

Lord Elms (Wilfred) thought for a while, nodded lightly, and sighed: “Then I’ll take one for now and try it!”

After that, put the pill in his hand into his mouth.

The elixir melts in the mouth.

The surging internal force spread from the abdomen to the whole body, and gathered in the dantian through the three meridians opened up by Lord Elms (Wilfred).

Ren Mai, originally passed 70%, was instantly stimulated by this powerful internal force to greatness!

The Du Channel was originally passed by 50%, but under the influence of the medicine, it also jumped to 70%!

Chongmai, originally passed 20%, this time directly doubled to 40%!

And the fourth meridian that he had been eager to break through for decades, with the vein, also showed signs of loosening!

Lord Elms (Wilfred) was overjoyed, thinking that he had the opportunity to get through the pulse, so he immediately sat on the ground,

fighting for fate, and the surging internal force in his body, attacking the pulse.

Ordinary people, the eight meridians of the odd meridians are inherently closed, and martial arts practitioners want to surpass ordinary people in strength,

 they have to do everything possible to pulse open the eight meridians that were originally blocked.

However, how difficult it is to break through the eight meridians!

If you break one, you can become a master in the eyes of ordinary people and enter the gate of martial arts,

but most martial arts people will stop here, and most of them will not be able to get through the two channels of Ren Du in a lifetime;

If you break two, you can become the handful of martial arts professionals today, and you can be regarded as martial arts masters;

If you can break through the three, you will definitely be in the top ten among martial arts practitioners in the country.

As for breaking through the four points, none of the dozens of martial arts families,

 large and small, can reach such a high level.

For Lord Elms (Wilfred), as long as he can break through the fourth meridian, he can become the pinnacle of martial arts practitioners in China.

Just when Lord Elms (Wilfred) desperately wanted to realize this ambition, he was shocked to discover that a considerable part of the surging

 medicinal power in his body was desperately flowing into his internal organs and his body along various blood vessels and nerves.

At this time, it was as if his whole body had dried up, and the medicinal effect in that god pill.

Originally, he wanted this Wang Qingquan to use all of his own pulse, but because the body was too dry

, a large part of the Qingquan could not flow to the pulse, but was quickly absorbed by the body.

Immediately afterwards, he felt that his body functions had been greatly restored and improved.

 When his body suddenly felt a few years younger, but the effect of the medicine was also dragged down by the body,

almost exhausted, and there was no extra energy to go. Initiate an impact on the belt pulse.

Kairi Elms – Xion’s Mom kept staring at his father and found that his expression seemed to have improved a lot, and his skin didn’t seem to be as old and shriveled as before, and he was shocked.

She wanted to know whether her father’s cultivation level had been greatly improved, but she did not dare to interfere,

so she could only hold back the surprise and waited for her father to wake up.

After a while, Lord Elms (Wilfred) suddenly opened his eyes, and muddy tears rolled from the corners of his eyes.

Kairi Elms – Xion’s Mom hurriedly asked: “Dad, why are you crying? How are you feeling?”

Lord Elms (Wilfred) quietly wiped away his tears, and said with a bit of annoyance: “This divine pill is really amazing.

The power of the medicine is so horrifying. I originally wanted to take the opportunity to attack the veins and open the fourth meridian.

Unexpectedly, my body is indeed too old, dragged a lot of hind legs, more than half of the power of the medicine was sucked by this body,

 it is too wasteful…too waste…”

Kairi Elms – Xion’s Mom hurriedly said: “Dad! How could this be a waste! After all, you are over eighty years old,

 and your body’s internal and external functions are severely degraded.

 This magical pill disperses the efficacy of the medicine to your body, and it will definitely delay your aging. ,

 It can even extend your lifespan. This is a good thing! In my opinion, you will be able to live over a hundred years in your current state!”

Lord Elms (Wilfred) said with regret: “If I can break through the four meridians,

 even if I only have three to five years left to live, I will be willing to live…”

Kairi Elms – Xion’s Mom immediately handed another pill to Lord Elms (Wilfred) and blurted out:

“Dad! Or take this magic pill too! Maybe you will be able to break through the fourth meridian in one fell swoop!”

Lord Elms (Wilfred) quickly pushed away her hand and blurted out guiltily:

“Don’t, don’t, don’t! My bad old man, it’s really not worth wasting another magic medicine!”

Kairi Elms – Xion’s Mom unswervingly said: “Dad! Now in our entire Elms family,

 you are the only one. It has broken through the three meridians. Our Elms family can be one of the four major martial arts families,

and most of them rely on you alone. Support, if you are a hundred years later, the Elms family will inevitably fall out of the four major families,

 so these medicines are the most appropriate for you!”

Lord Elms (Wilfred) thought for a moment and said, “So, call your eldest brother over, and give him a try on the remaining magical medicine.”

“No.” Kairi Elms – Xion’s Mom said categorically: “Dad! My brother has always tended to reconcile with the Banks Family,

and I have to say to myself that the eldest brother has not put his mind on cultivation at all in these years, but on money

, To enjoy life too much, He’s practice of martial arts is that the colder the better, but he bought a villa in Sanya long ago,

and always finds an excuse to take his wife and children to Sanya on vacation in winter.

For him, cultivation has already been done. It’s no longer a lifelong pursuit, it’s absolutely the biggest waste that God Pill gives him!


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