The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2856-2857-2858-2859 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2856-2857-2858-2859)

When Yoel heard this, the whole person was suddenly struck by lightning!

He hurriedly stopped in front of his father, with an anxious tone, and even said incoherently,

 “Dad, that…no dad! We can’t refuse this cooperation from the Banks Family anyway, it’s a matter of the life and death of our family, dad!”

Lord Elms (Wilfred) couldn’t help frowning and asking: “Joke! I don’t cooperate with his Banks Family,

so why does it matter to the life and death of my Elms family?

Cooperation has been your wish since ancient times. Since I don’t want to cooperate with him, then he still pays. Can you force me to fail?!”

Yoel almost collapsed and blurted out: “Oh, dad! Why are you so confused!? What is the size of the Banks Family?

 How can we be able to provoke them? If we toast and not eat, eat fine wine, then in the future, once the Banks Family and us As the enemy,

 how can we still gain a foothold in the arena?”

Lord Elms (Wilfred) immediately scolded: “Yoel! In your eyes, if my Elms family leaves the Banks Family, isn’t it possible to have a foothold in the rivers and lakes?

 Don’t forget, my Elms family is one of the four major martial arts families in the country!

When his family was ranked among the top four martial arts families in the country, nothing happened to the Banks Family!”

Yoel didn’t expect his father’s attitude to be so determined.

He turned his head and gritted his teeth and glared at Kairi Elms, and sternly said: “Kairi Elms! What kind of ecstasy did you run back with your father?

Do you know what a good opportunity is before us! If you missed such a good opportunity, then you are the sinner of the Elms family!”

Lord Elms (Wilfred) couldn’t bear it and shouted angrily: “Enough! Shut me up!”

Yoel was shocked by his father’s voice.

Lord Elms (Wilfred) looked at him coldly, and hated that iron cannot become steel, and said: “I didn’t expect that Lord Elms (Wilfred)

 could raise a son with such a soft bone! Yoel, it is my decision not to cooperate with the Banks Family, and I will never change it again.

 Say one more thing, I will punish you for a month of lockdown!”

Yoel suddenly felt five thunderstorms.

He knew that what he missed was a huge sum of 2 billion a year.

This money will allow you to live the most luxurious life in the world.

What luxury houses, yachts, airplanes…With this money, it is no longer a dream.

What is Sanya’s villa? With 2 billion, he can buy a villa in Hong Kong, buy a villa in the United States, buy a villa in France and Switzerland!

With two billion, he can buy a luxury cruise ship with everything he needs to travel around the world.

With two billion, he can buy a private jet and go where he wants to go 24 hours a day!

At that time, he still needs to guard a small Mocheng!

Until then, how could he still be holding back in this extremely cold place!

The pinnacle of life, but so!

However, all these beautiful dreams lasted only one night, and they were completely shattered before the sun even came out this morning.

Seeing that he had lost his soul, Lord Elms (Wilfred) sighed with a sigh, then waved his hand and said to Kairi Elms: “Kairi Elms, let me see Bank’s Butler!”

Kairi Elms nodded hurriedly: “Good dad!”

Seeing his father and sister walking away, Yoel hurriedly followed.

 At this moment, he had already made a decision deep in his heart.

Since his father was stubborn, he would just separate from him! At that time, I will take away all the Elms family who are willing to cooperate with the Banks Family

and who are willing to leave Mocheng to enjoy the glory and wealth!

At this time, Bank’s Butler was eating breakfast leisurely in the dining hall of the Elms family.

The Elms family has a large population and a large dining area.

 Hundreds of people can eat in this dining hall at the same time.

Bank’s Butler was holding a bowl of ballast porridge at this time, while sucking into his mouth,

while chewing on the slightly hard corn ballast with relish, he said something in his mouth:

“I didn’t expect that the porridge made from this large-grain chowder would have a different flavor. .”

After speaking, he picked up a fist-sized meat bun and bit it down.

While his mouth was full of oil, he also bit out the meat that was bigger than a ping-pong ball inside.

“It’s delicious, delicious!” Bank’s Butler looked relish, and he was very happy.

This time I came out, I quickly and smoothly completed the task that the master confided, and helped the master solve the urgent need,

 which can be regarded as a triumphant victory.

Therefore, it is natural to be in a good mood.

He is only waiting for the arrival of the convoy and taking the Elms family to Southaven. By then,

the master will definitely be able to breathe a sigh of relief.

Thinking positively, Lord Elms (Wilfred) and Kairi Elms walked over quickly.

As soon as Bank’s Butler looked up and saw the two of them, he was a little surprised and smiled with a somewhat flattering smile:

“Oh, how old! Ouch! Kairi Elms is back too! It’s great! I can invite Kairi Elms again this time. Master,

 he will be very happy when he comes out of the mountain!”

Bank’s Butler didn’t look down on the Elms family too much.

In his eyes, the Elms family were just the subordinates of the Banks Family, and they were only subordinates who could gain a foothold by fighting and killing.

As for myself, although he is also a subordinate, at least he is also the top spot among subordinates.

In other words, the Banks Family has so many dogs, and he is the most noble one.

However, he only took a look at Kairi Elms, because after all, Kairi Elms is the woman of Zayne, the eldest of the Banks Family.

Although he has no status, at least he has given birth to a daughter for Zayne, so he is naturally a little more polite to Kairi Elms. .

More importantly, Zayne’s wife, Deana, has made up his mind to divorce Zayne, and after the car accident planned by her father,

she will definitely draw a clear line with the Banks Family. In this way, Kairi Elms can appear openly. Where is it!

In case Zayne returns someday, maybe there will be a follow-up with Kairi Elms.

It is precisely because of this that Bank’s Butler has a somewhat flattering meaning to Kairi Elms.

When Kairi Elms saw Bank’s Butler, he greeted him coldly and warmly: “Hello,.”

Bank’s Butler smiled and hurriedly said, “Kairi Elms, we haven’t seen each other for some years.”

Kairi Elms nodded: “Yes, it’s been some years.”

Bank’s Butler smiled and said, “I didn’t expect even you to come out of the mountain again this time. What a surprise!”

Lord Elms (Wilfred) on the side said lightly: “Bank’s Butler, please report to Master Banks after you go back.

 The Elms family can’t cooperate with the Banks Family this time. Please forgive Master Banks.”

Bank’s Butler heard this and asked dumbfounded:

“Old Elms, who are you singing again?! The bus convoy is coming soon!”

Lord Elms (Wilfred) handed over the one-billion-yuan check to Bank’s Butler, earnestly said: “I have already said very clearly.

 The Elms family cannot cooperate with the Banks Family this time.

 In other words, we will not go to Bank’s Butler.  so please take this money back to Master Banks, please.”

Bank’s Butler suddenly became anxious, and blurted out: “Hey old, you can’t make a mistake! Let’s say it all, how can we change when we change?”

At this time, Lord Elms (Wilfred)’s eldest son Yoel also grumbled: “Dad! The housekeeper banks  is right.

 Our Elms family has always kept our promises, and we never break our promise, let alone turn back this time!”

Lord Elms (Wilfred) said coldly: “Yoel, you don’t have to try to persuade me here, I have decided, and I will never change it!”

After all, he looked at Bank’s Butler, clasped his fists, and said: “Bank’s Butler, wait for the car to come in a while,

 please trouble you to go back with the car yourself, the old man is here, I am extremely sorry!”

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