The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2881 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2881)

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2881 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2881

Zara’s rebuke caused Fitz a headache.

He couldn’t help questioning Zara in his heart: “Grandpa really wanted to kill his mother, yes, but is she not responsible for her mother?”

“As the daughter-in-law of the Banks Family, she kept thinking about the dead man surnamed wade, and she also went

 public to bid for the house surnamed wade lived in. Isn’t this in vain of the face of the Banks Family?”

“Furthermore, everyone is an adult. Does hatred matter? The Banks Family has trillions of fortunes. 

Is it because the grandfather has brutally attacked his mother, we have to draw a clear line with him?”

“Drawing a line with him is equivalent to drawing a line with the Banks Family’s trillion-dollar property. In the end, aren’t we ourselves?”

“If you lose the right to inherit the Banks Family’s property, what will you and me do in the future?”

“Don’t forget, our surname is Bank, not Thorn. Do you still expect grandpa and grandma to give us a share of inheritance?”

However, Fitz could only complain about these words in his heart, and couldn’t say it in front of his sister.

Because he knew very well in his heart that his sister was too strong in the concept of right and wrong, 

so terribly strong, there was almost no room for mediation. If she said this directly, she would not listen, but would turn her face against herself.

Thinking of this, Fitz was very depressed, and thought: “Hey, you are better suited to the name Fitz than I am.”

I thought to myself, Fitz agreed with Zara’s point of view, and nodded again and again: “Zara, 

you are right, this kind of thing is really unforgivable, let alone you, I can’t forgive it either. .”

Zara didn’t speak, she knew that if her brother said so, there must be something else.

as predicted.

Fitz turned around and sighed: “But, let me tell you the truth, if we turn our faces with Grandpa, 

we won’t get any benefit, and we can’t bring him any substantive 


After a pause, Fitz spread his hands: “Just let him accept legal sanctions as you just said. It’s impossible.

 The old man has always been cautious. There has never been more than one firewall. You said he deliberately killed people. There is direct evidence. ?”

“As long as we don’t have direct evidence, he can be said to be deliberately slandering.

 If it is really impossible, he can just push someone out to 

top the bag!”

“He can find too many people who carry the bag. As long as he has a word, I don’t know how many people are rushing to buy this bag for him. 

Do you know how many scapegoats and ghosts Bank’s Butler helped Grandpa raise? Come! These are the firewalls of the old man!”

“If we don’t have the resources and connections of the Banks Family, let alone bring down Grandpa, even a Bank’s Butler, 

we won’t be able to bring it down!”

Zara kept listening silently, and after Fitz finished speaking, she asked him back: “When did I say that I am going to bring him down?”

Fitz also asked: “Then what is your picture?”

Zara said seriously: “I accuse him, maybe he has many ways to evade sanctions, but you have to know, if I don’t accuse, he doesn’t even need to evade!

 What I want is justice! It is justice in many ways! Not only result justice, but also process justice and procedural justice! 

I know that result justice is very difficult, but procedural justice is within my power, so I must start a complaint against him today!”

Fitz was big for a while.

He knew that, in fact, Zara had no influence.

Because the Banks Family has always kept the personal information of the offspring very good.

The outside world doesn’t know the names of the descendants of the Banks Family, and naturally they don’t know who Fitz or Zara are.

But Fitz is indeed different now.

The car accident in the Forbidden Mountain Tunnel in Aurous Hill is known as the “China Princess Diana Incident”

, and it has been made public through a video of the mastermind’s confession.

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2881 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2881

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